• Monitoring

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  • Wise System Monitor is a system utility for monitoring all executable processes on a computer, monitoring equipment performance, analyzing load / return traffic, and monitoring temperature conditions.
    Sep 21 2020 1.98 MB
  • Task Manager Deluxe is a utility for providing complete information about system components with powerful features that are available in the standard Windows Task Manager, in a convenient portable package with many enhancements.
    Sep 18 2020 3.96 MB
  • EF System Monitor - Utility for viewing information on CPU usage, memory usage, free disk space, the active user and other resources of both local and remote computers
    Sep 10 2020 0.45 MB
  • Sysmon is a system utility for monitoring all processes in the Windows operating system.
    Sep 09 2020 1.73 MB
  • HWMonitor is a free utility for monitoring the operating parameters of various PC components, such as CPU temperature, video chip and hard disk, fan speed, supply voltage, and much more.
    Sep 08 2020 1.25 MB
  • WhySoSlow is a free program that allows you to optimize your PC and improve its performance. The utility analyzes all computer parameters and offers the user a number of actions that can improve responsiveness and system performance.
    Aug 28 2020 2.89 MB
  • A freeware installation-free program that displays all file read / write / delete operations that occur in the operating system, so this utility can be used to monitor the activity of processes and scan for viruses.
    Aug 26 2020 0.08 MB
  • GPU Shark is a small, free and portable (does not require installation) monitoring utility for NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon video cards. Using the program, the user can find out information such as the name of the video card, its temperature.
    Jan 23 2020 0.53 MB
  • Process Explorer is a powerful utility for tracking real-time processes running on a system. Shows detailed information about all processes, including memory usage, involved DLLs and much more.
    Dec 23 2019 1.91 MB
  • Process Monitor is a tracking tool for Windows. Displays file system, registry, and process and thread activity in real time.
    Dec 20 2019 1.49 MB
  • SIV (System Information Viewer) - a utility for obtaining detailed information about the system, local network and hardware
    Dec 15 2019 8.42 MB
  • MSI Afterburner is a real find for a true overclocker with which you can overclock NVIDIA and AMD video cards. The utility includes tools for adjusting the rotational speed of the fans, the supply voltage of the GPU and the video memory
    Nov 06 2019 48.11 MB
  • Free Port Scanner is a small utility that is a small, fast and advanced port scanner for the Win32 platform.
    Oct 27 2019 0.61 MB
  • TurnedOnTimesView is a small and free utility that analyzes the Windows event log and determines the time intervals when the PC was turned on.
    Sep 22 2019 0.08 MB
  • MemInfo allows you to find out in real time how much virtual or physical memory is currently available in the operating system.
    Sep 19 2019 0.62 MB