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  • BlueStacks App Player is a free emulator with which you can easily run any Android application on a Windows desktop PC. There is access to the Google Play app store, synchronization with real Android devices
    Sep 09 2020 0.99 MB
  • VirtualBox is an application that allows the user to create virtual machines with real PC configurations, and then run any operating system on them (Windows, GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.). 3D hardware acceleration supported
    Sep 06 2020 103.00 MB
  • Android SDK - a universal shell for modeling and developing various software products for the Android operating system
    Aug 06 2020 8.03 MB
  • An easy-to-use application that allows the user to work using the joystick / gamepad in programs that do not support it (office software, browser games, etc.), by emulating keyboard presses and mouse movements
    Jul 13 2020 0.90 MB
  • PPSSPP is a powerful emulator of the popular Sony PSP game console, which will allow you to enjoy the many different games of this platform right on your Windows computer.
    Jul 13 2020 17.27 MB
  • MEmu is an excellent Android operating system emulator that is fully customized to the user's preferences and needs, and allows you to enjoy your favorite mobile games and applications on a desktop PC or laptop running Windows
    Jul 06 2020 438.34 MB
  • DOSBox - The program emulates an x86 processor with sound support and DOS, allowing you to run old games on platforms that do not have DOS
    Jun 27 2019 1.42 MB
  • VMware Player is a powerful tool for working with virtual machines, with which you can run multiple operating systems on one PC. supports virtual machines created in VMware Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC, GSX Server
    Mar 17 2019 132.31 MB
  • VMware Workstation is an application for simultaneous launching of several operating systems on a PC through the use of a virtualization system. Support for 64-bit guest operating systems FreeBSD, Linux and Windows, as well as Solaris x86
    Mar 17 2019 511.35 MB
  • Nox App Player is a good Android axis emulator for running a mobile system on a computer. Provides support for virtually all applications from Google Play and the installation of a separately downloaded apk-file. It is possible to assign control keys
    Mar 01 2019 348.46 MB
  • A productive Android emulator that allows the user to play their favorite mobile games on a PC. The application allows you to run multiple games at the same time without any restrictions. It is possible to control using the keyboard and mouse
    Jan 09 2019 266.87 MB
  • KOPLAYER is a free and high-performance Android OS emulator, with which you can run mobile games and applications on Windows PCs. Allows you to simulate touch control using the keyboard and mouse. There is access to Google Play
    Nov 12 2018 368.37 MB
  • The FireDaemon utility allows you to run any Win32 application or script (for example: BAT / CMD, Perl, Java, Python, TCL / TK) as a Windows service
    Oct 15 2018 17.46 MB
  • Genymotion is probably the best Android emulator system that allows you to run all applications for this mobile OS directly on your Windows PC.
    May 13 2018 152.06 MB
  • Bochs is a free application for emulating IBM PC hardware. Includes emulation of x86 architecture processors, I / O devices, and the ability to use various BIOS and video adapters
    Feb 26 2018 5.09 MB