• Diagnostics & Tests

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  • EVGA Precision X1 is a graphics card monitoring and overclocking utility. The program is available for free download from the official EVGA website.
    Apr 01 2021 48.20 MB
  • SAPPHIRE TriXX is a free tool designed for users of SAPPHIRE graphic cards.
    Mar 30 2021 2.38 MB
  • AIDA64 Extreme is a great tool for identifying hardware components and software installed in your computer that is a continuation of the popular Everest program.
    Mar 30 2021 45.40 MB
  • IsMyLcdOK is a small free program with which to detect the presence of broken or damaged pixels on LCD monitors
    Mar 30 2021 0.06 MB
  • Powerful benchmark to test your system for stability and performance. The principle of the application is based on performing a huge amount of mathematical calculations designed to find a large amount of prime numbers. There are 2 modes of operation
    Mar 23 2021
  • FurMark is a powerful tool that will be primarily useful for overclockers, allowing for stress testing of graphics cards compatible with the OpenGL API, checking the stability of the graphics card and the capabilities of the cooling system
    Mar 18 2021 11.63 MB
  • GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card utility that tests its performance, shows the current temperature of the graphics processor, OpenGL extensions, information about support for the OpenGL API, and other graphics card performance.
    Mar 18 2021 11.26 MB
  • Geekbench - cross-platform benchmark test for measuring the speed of the processor and computer memory subsystem
    Mar 12 2021 119.15 MB
  • GPU-Z is an excellent utility for viewing various information about the video card and its graphics processor, such as model, BIOS version, chip revision number, DirectX support, and much more. Works with NVIDIA and ATI cards
    Mar 12 2021 7.69 MB
  • SysGauge is a small but useful tool that allows you to monitor in real time the operating parameters of the basic computer components.
    Mar 09 2021 5.26 MB
  • HWiNFO32 is a popular and useful tool used to identify and perform simple performance tests of individual components in our computer.
    Mar 09 2021 7.38 MB
  • OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is very appreciated among the so-called oveclockers a tool to test the underlying computer components that have been "overclocked" to achieve the highest possible performance. It also provides detailed information, including about your processor.
    Mar 09 2021 19.19 MB
  • A toolkit for providing detailed system information and diagnosing various PC components. There are 13 benchmarks, 34 modules with detailed information, support for a huge number of different devices and much more.
    Mar 04 2021 122.03 MB
  • PassMark PerformanceTest - A set of tests to assess the overall performance of your PC compared to other computers
    Mar 02 2021 65.23 MB
  • Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) is one of the most advanced tools aimed at analyzing and monitoring the state of HDD and SSD disks installed in a computer.
    Mar 01 2021 32.59 MB