• Diagnostics & Tests

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  • A toolkit for providing detailed system information and diagnosing various PC components. There are 13 benchmarks, 34 modules with detailed information, support for a huge number of different devices and much more.
    Jan 22 2021 122.03 MB
  • EVGA Precision X1 is a graphics card monitoring and overclocking utility. The program is available for free download from the official EVGA website.
    Jan 22 2021 48.20 MB
  • CPU-Z is a small useful program with which you will get all the information about the main devices in the system: processor, RAM, motherboard, video card. Shows the load of the GPU in real time
    Jan 21 2021 1.84 MB
  • Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) is one of the most advanced tools aimed at analyzing and monitoring the state of HDD and SSD disks installed in a computer.
    Jan 20 2021 32.59 MB
  • Futuremark SystemInfo is a diagnostic program used in Futuremark benchmarks (3DMark or PCMark) to identify user equipment that intends to test the performance of your computer.
    Jan 19 2021 3.35 MB
  • HE - Hardware Read & Write is a tool aimed at more demanding users, which presents detailed information about individual components of the computer.
    Jan 19 2021
  • NVIDIA Inspector is a small free program with which the user gets access to all kinds of information about the NVIDIA graphics adapters installed in the system.
    Jan 19 2021 0.28 MB
  • 3DMark Basic Edition is a free version of one of the most famous benchmarks, offering the user a number of 3D graphics and CPU stress tests, with which you can evaluate the performance and stability of a computer
    Jan 14 2021
  • Sysinternals Suite - a large set of useful tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting various kinds of system problems from Mark Russinovich, a well-known technical specialist, co-founder of Winternals Software, and now an employee of the company
    Jan 13 2021 29.74 MB
  • The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostic tool for processors manufactured by Intel, which will test the operation and stability of your CPU.
    Jan 12 2021 9.53 MB
  • NovaBench is a simple application for testing the performance of basic computer components, i.e. processor, RAM memory, graphics and hard disk.
    Jan 12 2021 102.74 MB
  • CrystalDiskMark is a small free program designed for benchmarking (testing) the performance of computer hard drives. Allows you to measure the speed of reading and writing data
    Jan 12 2021 5.84 MB
  • OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is very appreciated among the so-called oveclockers a tool to test the underlying computer components that have been "overclocked" to achieve the highest possible performance. It also provides detailed information, including about your processor.
    Jan 11 2021 19.19 MB
  • HiBit System Information is a very useful tool that displays detailed information about the various components of the computer and the software installed in it.
    Jan 05 2021 2.04 MB
  • ASUS GPU TweakII is a free software primarily for owners of ASUS graphics cards, which allows you to monitor and overclock GPU.
    Dec 30 2020 86.40 MB