• Diagnostics & Tests

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  • ASUS GPU TweakII is a free software primarily for owners of ASUS graphics cards, which allows you to monitor and overclock GPU.
    Sep 21 2020 86.40 MB
  • OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is very appreciated among the so-called oveclockers a tool to test the underlying computer components that have been "overclocked" to achieve the highest possible performance. It also provides detailed information, including about your processor.
    Sep 21 2020 19.19 MB
  • HiBit System Information is a very useful tool that displays detailed information about the various components of the computer and the software installed in it.
    Sep 18 2020 2.04 MB
  • ExperienceIndexOK is a small portable (not requiring installation into the system) utility for assessing the performance of your computer's configuration.
    Sep 18 2020 0.07 MB
  • 3DMark Basic Edition is a free version of one of the most famous benchmarks, offering the user a number of 3D graphics and CPU stress tests, with which you can evaluate the performance and stability of a computer
    Sep 17 2020
  • Powerful benchmark to test your system for stability and performance. The principle of the application is based on performing a huge amount of mathematical calculations designed to find a large amount of prime numbers. There are 2 modes of operation
    Sep 15 2020
  • CpuFrequenz is one of the best tools for checking processor speed in real time. It can display the current load and frequency of the CPU unit installed in the computer.
    Sep 09 2020 0.15 MB
  • PassMark PerformanceTest - A set of tests to assess the overall performance of your PC compared to other computers
    Sep 09 2020 65.23 MB
  • SysGauge is a small but useful tool that allows you to monitor in real time the operating parameters of the basic computer components.
    Sep 08 2020 5.26 MB
  • GPU-Z is an excellent utility for viewing various information about the video card and its graphics processor, such as model, BIOS version, chip revision number, DirectX support, and much more. Works with NVIDIA and ATI cards
    Sep 08 2020 7.69 MB
  • NovaBench is a simple application for testing the performance of basic computer components, i.e. processor, RAM memory, graphics and hard disk.
    Sep 01 2020 102.74 MB
  • Catzilla (previously ALLBenchmark) is a Polish benchmark designed for testing the performance of processors and graphics cards and comparing its results with other computers.
    Sep 01 2020 503.53 MB
  • StressMyPC is a small and easy-to-use utility that allows you to perform stress testing of various PC components, such as the central processor, video card, hard drives, or laptop battery.
    Aug 31 2020 0.07 MB
  • HWiNFO32 is a popular and useful tool used to identify and perform simple performance tests of individual components in our computer.
    Aug 27 2020 7.38 MB
  • IsMyLcdOK is a small free program with which to detect the presence of broken or damaged pixels on LCD monitors
    Aug 27 2020 0.06 MB