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  • Desktop Modify is a small and easy to use program designed to manage icons available on the system desktop.
    Feb 04 2014
  • Arrange Your Desktop is a small and free tool for organizing your desktop in the Windows operating system.
    Feb 04 2014 0.56 MB
  • ViStart is a small free utility that transforms the interface of the standard Start menu of Windows XP, making it exactly the same as in Windows Vista and 7. There is support for transparency, the ability to install skins,
    Jan 20 2014 1.22 MB
  • With ObjectDock, you can completely replace the standard Windows taskbar with a MacOS style toolbar.
    May 16 2013 15.88 MB
  • Okozo Desktop is an interesting program that allows you to "revive" your desktop in Windows Vista and 7. With its help, we can easily change the standard desktop background to animated and interactive wallpaper.
    Apr 17 2013 0.72 MB
  • Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a simple and convenient program for changing the welcome screens in Windows 7. If you wish, you can select any image to change the wallpaper.
    Jan 04 2013 0.76 MB
  • Microsoft Desktops is a small free utility that allows you to organize four virtual desktops, and thus allows the user to avoid confusion with a large number of applications running
    Oct 24 2012 0.06 MB
  • Desktop Background Tuner is a small tool for creating slide shows on the Windows desktop. The program does not require installation on the hard disk and can be run directly from the portable storage medium.
    Aug 30 2012 0.22 MB
  • DeskSpace, formerly Yod'm 3D, is a program that allows you to create a three-dimensional cube with virtual desktops in Windows XP and Vista.
    May 29 2012 13.58 MB
  • ViGlance is a small free utility that transforms the Windows XP taskbar interface (Super Bar), making it exactly the same as in Windows 7
    May 16 2012 0.30 MB
  • Seven Transformation Pack - a package for transforming the interface of Windows XP / 2003 / Vista operating systems to the Windows 7 shell style
    Mar 30 2011 35.39 MB
  • Snow Transformation Pack is a package for Windows Vista and Windows 7, whose task is to make the system look like Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
    Oct 19 2010 30.60 MB
  • AlienGUIse Theme Manager is a completely free program designed to change the appearance of elements (Start menu, windows, icons, bars) in Windows.
    Oct 05 2010 28.59 MB