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  • Wise Hotkey is a simple and handy tool to quickly launch selected applications, folders and websites. Allows you to assign custom "hot" keys in the system using ready-made shortcuts or assigned independently
    Sep 21 2020 3.00 MB
  • Tweetz Desktop is a small application for people who regularly use the popular Twitter social networking site.
    Sep 14 2020 38.02 MB
  • DesktopOK is a small, free and portable (installation-free) program designed to save and restore the location of desktop icons.
    Sep 11 2020 0.34 MB
  • USBDeview is a small program that will display a list of all USB devices (flash drive, mobile phone, printer, etc.) ever connected to your computer.
    Sep 11 2020 0.12 MB
  • VisualCron is a multifunctional task scheduler and a powerful automation tool with wide capabilities for fine-tuning the performance of certain tasks upon the occurrence of an event. There is a built-in notification system
    Aug 31 2020 269.24 MB
  • VueScan - an application that allows you to change the standard scanner interface to an alternative one, thanks to which users of certain scanner models will get additional functionality
    Aug 26 2020 11.91 MB
  • WindowManager is a tool for remembering and restoring the layout and size of windows on your desktop.
    Aug 25 2020 1.13 MB
  • Yawcam is a program for working with web and IP cameras and receiving images or video from them. Allows you to save the results on a PC or publish them on the Internet
    Aug 25 2020 4.75 MB
  • EarthView - screen saver and wallpaper in the form of a map of the earth or globe. The globe slowly rotates and shows where it is day and where it is night
    Aug 20 2020 21.02 MB
  • Start10 is another implementation of the Start menu, adapted for the latest Windows 10 operating system.
    Aug 19 2020 34.24 MB
  • Carroll - a simple tool to control the screen resolution
    Aug 17 2020 0.72 MB
  • SyMenu is a utility that allows you to quickly launch portable programs that are installed on a USB flash drive
    Aug 07 2020 4.15 MB
  • Wise Auto Shutdown is a simple program, with the help of which you can plan to shut down your computer, restart, log out
    Jul 29 2020 1.74 MB
  • AutoHotkey - application to automate processes to one click. Adjust the keyboard and mouse on the hot keys, use AutoCorrect, create custom input forms. Allows you to reassign any keys and buttons on any device
    Jul 19 2020
  • Winaero Tweaker is a portable system utility for customizing the appearance and additional functionality of Windows operating systems, including the "dozens"
    Jul 10 2020 2.36 MB