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  • VueScan - an application that allows you to change the standard scanner interface to an alternative one, thanks to which users of certain scanner models will get additional functionality
    Jan 18 2021 11.91 MB
  • Tweetz Desktop is a small application for people who regularly use the popular Twitter social networking site.
    Jan 13 2021 38.02 MB
  • DesktopOK is a small, free and portable (installation-free) program designed to save and restore the location of desktop icons.
    Jan 11 2021 0.34 MB
  • EarthView - screen saver and wallpaper in the form of a map of the earth or globe. The globe slowly rotates and shows where it is day and where it is night
    Jan 02 2021 21.02 MB
  • VisualCron is a multifunctional task scheduler and a powerful automation tool with wide capabilities for fine-tuning the performance of certain tasks upon the occurrence of an event. There is a built-in notification system
    Dec 28 2020 269.24 MB
  • AquaSnap is a handy utility that allows you to more efficiently manage windows on the monitor desktop, providing the user with features such as Aero Snap, Aero Shake, Aero Stretch and Aqua Glass
    Dec 18 2020
  • WindowManager is a tool for remembering and restoring the layout and size of windows on your desktop.
    Dec 15 2020 1.13 MB
  • Groupy is a program that allows you to maintain order on your desktop. With its help, we group the windows of different programs identically, like the cards in the browser.
    Dec 02 2020 6.06 MB
  • Rufus is a tiny but functional tool designed for formatting and creating bootable flash drives. The utility will become an indispensable assistant when creating installation USB-drives, BIOS firmware, running low-level applications
    Nov 23 2020 1.10 MB
  • BatteryCare is a handy program that monitors the charge / discharge cycles of a laptop or netbook battery and helps the user optimize the use and performance of a portable device.
    Nov 17 2020 5.11 MB
  • Yawcam is a program for working with web and IP cameras and receiving images or video from them. Allows you to save the results on a PC or publish them on the Internet
    Nov 13 2020 4.75 MB
  • EarthDesk is an interesting application for displaying pictures of our planet on your desktop with the current day and night visualization
    Nov 10 2020 28.91 MB
  • Winstep Nexus Dock is a desktop extension for Windows systems that displays on the screen a well-known quick access bar from the Mac OS platform.
    Oct 29 2020 37.69 MB
  • HashMyFiles is a small free utility that allows you to calculate the checksum of one or more files using MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 algorithms. The program can also be launched from the context menu of the standard explorer.
    Oct 23 2020 0.08 MB
  • ShadowFX is an uncomplicated application for users who would like to enhance the appearance of windows in the Windows operating system.
    Sep 24 2020 5.70 MB