• Boot managers

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  • FlashBoot is an easy-to-configure tool for creating bootable USB flash drives that supports work with all versions of Windows operating systems - from XP to 10
    Sep 21 2020 52.51 MB
  • Easy2Boot - a tool for creating multi-boot flash drives, which can contain any distribution kit, LiveCD or floppy image
    Sep 10 2020
  • NTLite is a handy tool for modifying distributions of Windows operating systems - 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
    Sep 09 2020 11.88 MB
  • SARDU (Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) - an advanced application for creating bootable flash drives or disks with a set of useful utilities to configure the operating system or restore it
    Sep 07 2020 28.70 MB
  • Universal USB Installer is a small free program that allows you to create bootable flash drives from various Linux distributions (builds based on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Puppy Linux and others)
    Aug 05 2020 1.70 MB
  • RMPrepUSB - an advanced portable (installation-free) tool for creating a portable bootable USB flash drive with the installation distribution kit of the Windows operating system
    Aug 03 2020 9.79 MB
  • WinToHDD is a handy tool for installing, reinstalling and cloning the current Windows operating system. Does not require a CD / DVD-ROM or USB-drives. The settings of the application will be clear even to a beginner without any special knowledge.
    Jul 12 2020 8.99 MB
  • EasyUEFI is a handy utility for editing the boot menu of Windows operating systems based on EFI / UEFI
    Jul 06 2020 10.55 MB
  • UNetbootin is a multiplatform utility with which you can easily install various Linux / BSD distributions on a hard disk partition or USB drive.
    Jun 12 2020 4.61 MB
  • Image for Windows - a powerful application for creating copies (snapshots) of a hard disk or its individual sections
    Feb 28 2020 143.90 MB
  • YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a compact utility for creating multiboot USB-carriers, where you can include different operating systems, recovery utilities from various manufacturers of anti-virus products and much more
    Feb 27 2019 1.76 MB
  • Active @ Boot Disk is a fully functional operating system on a CD / DVD / USB drive. Is a boot disk that can be run on computers where the OS is already loaded
    Jan 02 2019 355.87 MB
  • EasyBCD is a program for managing the loading of multiple operating systems installed on one PC. Simplifies the task of selecting an operating system, adds and deletes axes, sets a priority, etc. Supports work with Windows, Linux / BSD, Mac OS X and NeoGrub
    Dec 11 2018
  • Bootice is a useful tool for creating boot and installation flash drives. The utility is necessary when restoring an MBR (Master Boot Record) or PBR (Partition Boot Record)
    Dec 08 2018 0.86 MB
  • A handy tool to create a bootable USB or HDD drive with Grub2, Grub4dos, Syslinux, Clover and rEFInd, with the ability to integrate service packs, Windows and Linux distributions, support for local boot using Tiny PXE Server, etc.
    Oct 10 2018 44.14 MB