• USB Antivirus

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  • UsbFix - a tool for removing all kinds of malicious software that spreads via USB ports on your computer.
    Feb 09 2021 4.55 MB
  • TrustPort USB Antivirus - antivirus program designed to securely transfer data to USB flash drives. Being on a flash drive, the antivirus checks all files for viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, which are copied to it
    May 03 2019 319.14 MB
  • USB Disk Security is a program that will provide you with 100% protection against malware and viruses distributed via removable media: USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives and other media connected via the USB port.
    Aug 08 2018 8.21 MB
  • Lim Flash Security is a handy free tool for recovering hidden data on flash drives, as well as removing flash viruses.
    Nov 22 2016 2.83 MB
  • AutoRun.Inf Remover is a useful system utility with which you can find and delete Autorun.inf files located in the root directories of all connected devices.
    Feb 16 2016 1.32 MB
  • USB Protection & Recovery is a small, free utility that provides protection against malicious programs that attempt to penetrate a computer through USB drives.
    Jan 11 2016 1.06 MB
  • Panda USB Vaccine is a free program for blocking malware spreading from USB devices. It has double the level of preventive protection, allowing users to disable the autorun feature on computers and USB devices
    Dec 05 2011 0.79 MB