• Data protection

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  • X-VPN is a small application that is aimed at users who value privacy and security during everyday use of the Internet.
    Sep 05 2019 36.92 MB
  • Privacy Eraser Free is a small tool to protect the privacy of the user, which in combination with publicly available extensions offers powerful possibilities of comprehensive system cleaning with information about our activity. Its operation may include data created by web browsers, the Windows operating system and the software installed in it.
    Sep 03 2019 5.90 MB
  • Glary Tracks Eraser - a simple tool to protect the privacy of user actions on your computer
    Sep 02 2019 6.42 MB
  • R-Wipe & Clean are huge software for cleaning the disk of unnecessary files and data about our activity on the computer. It allows to comprehensively protect the privacy of the user, as well as to recover free disk space.
    Aug 16 2019 5.65 MB
  • The program Hide Folders, allows you to hide from prying eyes any folders on your computer. Just drag the hidden folder into the program window and click the hide button ...
    Aug 13 2019 4.50 MB
  • NordVPN is a tool for those who value privacy during everyday use of the Internet.
    Aug 02 2019 12.37 MB
  • AntiBrowserSpy is a comprehensive tool for managing privacy and security settings of web browsers installed in the system, removing traces of browsed pages and archiving settings.
    Jul 22 2019 10.20 MB
  • Disable Windows 10 Tracking is a small, not requiring installation, but a very useful tool for users of Windows 10 who value their privacy, but not only.
    Jul 11 2019 9.04 MB
  • Ashampoo AntiSpy is a program that allows you to disable the default mechanisms that collect user data in Windows 10.
    Jul 11 2019 0.40 MB
  • GoogleClean is an interesting tool to manage the privacy and security settings of Google's online products and online services.
    Jul 08 2019 7.82 MB
  • WPD is a free application for users who value privacy while using Windows.
    Jul 02 2019 0.22 MB
  • Betternet is a very easy to use tool, thanks to which we will protect your privacy while using the Internet, as well as gain access to websites blocked in specific geographic regions.
    Jun 26 2019 9.83 MB
  • Boxcryptor is an excellent and easy-to-use tool for encrypting your data that is hosted on cloud storage.
    Jun 24 2019 81.70 MB
  • Zer0 is a very small utility that will help remove files from a hard disk or removable media without the subsequent possibility of their recovery.
    Jun 10 2019 3.35 MB
  • A useful free utility that reliably protects valuable documents from encryption by ransomware programs. The application in real time monitors the change of important files, automatically backing them up after each change
    May 27 2019 5.89 MB