• Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a free scanner designed to remove various types of malware components from Windows family systems.
    Aug 16 2019 161.09 MB Security & Privacy > Scanners
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk is an image of a self-running disk containing the Kaspersky AntiVirus application engine that allows you to effectively remove viruses from your computer without having to run the operating system. The scanner allows you to search and remove malicious components in the form of Trojan horses, worms, adware components, dialers, etc.
    Aug 16 2019 582.19 MB Security & Privacy > Scanners
  • Dr.Web LiveDisk is Dr.Web antivirus software distributed in the form of a Linux system distribution where it is installed. It allows effective fight against viruses when standard security programs fail or when the infection prevents the operating system from starting.
    Aug 16 2019 615.76 MB Security & Privacy > Scanners
  • Malwarebytes is a somewhat unusual security software that allows detection and removal of various types of malicious software. Thanks to it, we will get rid of viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, dialers and spyware from the computer. It can be an addition to already used third-party software.
    Aug 16 2019 62.00 MB Security & Privacy > Other
  • Privacy Eraser Free is a small tool to protect the privacy of the user, which in combination with publicly available extensions offers powerful possibilities of comprehensive system cleaning with information about our activity. Its operation may include data created by web browsers, the Windows operating system and the software installed in it.
    Aug 16 2019 5.90 MB Security & Privacy > Data protection
  • Avast Free Antivirus (formerly avast! Home Edition) is an extremely popular, fully free antivirus program. It protects your computer against malware during everyday work. It scans sent and received e-mails, viewed websites, and takes care of the system's up-to-date.
    Aug 16 2019 0.22 MB Security & Privacy > Antivirus
  • R-Wipe & Clean are huge software for cleaning the disk of unnecessary files and data about our activity on the computer. It allows to comprehensively protect the privacy of the user, as well as to recover free disk space.
    Aug 16 2019 5.65 MB Security & Privacy > Data protection
  • Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) is an advanced tool designed to diagnose and remove infections from computers where it is not possible to run the operating system. It was adapted to run from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) environment, enabling, among others, diagnosis and repair of Windows systems from the XP / Vista / 7/8/10 family.
    Aug 15 2019 1.54 MB Security & Privacy > Scanners
  • AnVir Task Manager is a free system utility that allows you to monitor everything that is running on your computer, and also provides convenient tools to configure your computer.
    Aug 15 2019 4.24 MB Security & Privacy > AntiSpyware
  • Stinger is a free antivirus scanner created by AVERT (Anti-virus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team) of the McAfee company - known among others from the popular VirusScan program in the United States.
    Aug 13 2019 16.75 MB Security & Privacy > Scanners
  • A useful plugin for Chrome, Opera, Firefox browsers that allows you to detect and optionally block elements embedded in a web page that use tracking technologies, such as trackers, social networking widgets, counters and other objects
  • The program Hide Folders, allows you to hide from prying eyes any folders on your computer. Just drag the hidden folder into the program window and click the hide button ...
    Aug 13 2019 4.50 MB Security & Privacy > Data protection
  • Ultra Adware Killer is a tool to remove all kinds of adware and malware components from computers running under Windows.
    Aug 12 2019 10.16 MB Security & Privacy > Other
  • UVK (short for Ultra Virus Killer) is a specialized toolkit for advanced users of the Windows family systems, with the help of which we will remove viruses, malware, unnecessary registry entries and optimize system operation.
    Aug 11 2019 Security & Privacy > Other
  • RogueKiller is a free application designed to scan the computer for malicious software running on the system.
    Aug 10 2019 26.93 MB Security & Privacy > Other