• Graphics editors

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  • MediBang Paint Pro is a free graphics program for drawing comics on personal computers with the Windows operating system and Mac OS.
    Nov 10 2020 39.96 MB
  • PhotoStage Slideshow is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for creating slide shows and presentations. The program allows the user to easily combine digital images, videos, music, add transition effects to them.
    Nov 10 2020 5.74 MB
  • AVS Photo Editor is a good digital photo and image editor with a variety of tools for resizing and scaling, brightness and contrast, color balance, vignetting and watermarking.
    Nov 02 2020 13.44 MB
  • Easy to use tool for garden and landscape design. There is a built-in database of more than 1200 items and objects, including trees, flowers, bushes, fences, pavilions, buildings and sidewalks. There is a preview function
    Nov 02 2020 162.80 MB
  • DrawPad Graphic Editor is a simple utility for creating and basic editing of graphic shapes.
    Nov 02 2020
  • Krita is an extensive and multi-functional program for processing raster graphics on a computer, designed primarily for painting using a graphic tablet, and thanks to the Sketch interface also a touch screen.
    Oct 30 2020 111.36 MB
  • Portrait Professional is an advanced program for automatic portrait photo retouching, which combines great possibilities with the simplicity of the interface.
    Oct 23 2020 153.94 MB
  • Luminar is a program for photographers, designed to develop digital negatives (RAW) and enhance photos. The program includes an innovative, native processor of data recorded by camera matrices.
    Oct 23 2020 2.97 MB
  • Clip Studio Ex, formerly known as Manga Studio, is a specialized drawing program designed to create manga, but it also works well when creating a different type of comics. We will find tools necessary for drawing precise contours, coloring, shading, as well as digital equivalents of raster.
    Oct 22 2020 168.36 MB
  • Icecream Image Resizer is a free program for convenient and fast resizing of photos. Supports all major graphic formats.
    Oct 22 2020 8.50 MB
  • ACDSee Photo Studio Home is a very good photo and other media management program.
    Oct 21 2020 3.79 MB
  • Adobe DNG Converter is a useful tool for photographers, enabling convenient conversion of RAW files from various types of digital cameras to the Universal Digital Negative (DNG) format developed and developed by Adobe. With files of this type you can work in Camera Raw, Lightroom and many other programs for photographers.
    Oct 20 2020 471.31 MB
  • Rebelle is a painting program on a computer using natural imitation tools. Its creators ensure that they have managed to develop the best algorithms on the market that reflect the behavior, flow and spontaneity of traditional materials. The strongest point of Rebelle is the simulation of materials that are water-based. Watercolor and mascaras can be dried, and then wet again and smudged, which gives unusual effects and a sense of having real tools in your hands. You can even tilt the sketchbook and watch how the water flows down, taking with you a bit of paint.
    Oct 02 2020 72.33 MB
  • Ashampoo Photo Commander is a powerful application for organizing, editing, sharing with friends and presenting photo galleries.
    Oct 02 2020 384.31 MB
  • Pixia is a powerful graphics editor with many options, which functionally is almost as good as professional paid programs for image processing and correction.
    Sep 28 2020 14.51 MB