• Image Tuner is a free and easy-to-use utility for batch processing of digital images and photos. Using the program, you can easily resize graphic files, convert them to various formats, add watermarks
    Jun 17 2020 2.11 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • KoolMoves - a program for creating web-animation using tools for working with Flash and animated GIF files
    Jun 17 2020 12.78 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • Volume2 is a very convenient program that gives the user the ability to control the volume with the mouse. Control is done by rotating the mouse wheel over the tray icon, taskbar, tray, desktop or window title.
    Jun 17 2020 7.96 MB Multimedia > Audio utilities
  • progeCAD Professional is a program developed by the Italians to create 2D and 3D technical drawings, which due to its capabilities and attractive price is a very good alternative to AutoCAD.
    Jun 16 2020 748.91 MB Multimedia > CAD Systems
  • GOM Player is a powerful multimedia player with support for all modern video and audio formats. Allows you to play videos from mobile devices and digital cameras, Internet content directly from the web, as well as damaged files. Independent of external decoders
    Jun 16 2020 25.91 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound
  • KMPlayer is a powerful media player that supports various formats of audio and video files, as well as includes all the filters and codecs necessary for their smooth playback. In addition, there is support for subtitles
    Jun 16 2020 47.19 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound
  • Daum PotPlayer is an improved analogue of the popular multimedia player KMPlayer, which offers the user high quality playback, the availability of all necessary codecs, as well as support for modern audio and formats
    Jun 16 2020 28.69 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound
  • Reaper is a very powerful digital workstation (DAW). Allows you to record, prepare, edit and create multi-channel audio tracks. Contains many useful features and effects.
    Jun 16 2020 13.03 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound
  • LTspice is a relatively simple to use program for designing and testing analog and mixed electronics. The advantage of the program is speed, a huge library of elements and the simplicity of creating layouts.
    Jun 12 2020 41.81 MB Multimedia > CAD Systems
  • ExifTool is a free application with a command line that allows you to view, enter and edit metadata found in various multimedia files.
    Jun 12 2020 Multimedia > Other
  • Cypheros TS-Doctor is a universal tool for the processing and repair of video materials recorded using TV receivers, satellite or antenna. It offers interesting functionality, while remaining very simple to use.
    Jun 12 2020 53.07 MB Multimedia > Video
  • BDtoAVCHD is a tool designed for fast conversion of Blu-Ray or MKV HD movies to AVCHD format. The program also allows you to convert Blu-Ray to MKV and Blu-Ray 3D to MKV 3D SBS.
    Jun 12 2020 36.05 MB Multimedia > Video
    Freeware / Adware
  • nama5 RAW processor is a program designed to correct and recall digital photos stored in raw format. Currently, it is not possible to open other files in it than RAWs. The program is, above all, light and simple, but it gives you a wide range of job automation options.
    Jun 12 2020 2.77 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • GIMP is a powerful, free image editor, almost as good as Photoshop in its capabilities. With it, you can process photos, create collages, draw pictures on graphic tablets, prepare website designs and much more.
    Jun 12 2020 214.16 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • Light Image Resizer (formerly known as VSO Image Resizer) is a free program designed for mass resizing of selected graphic files on your computer. It is characterized by a convenient interface and rich functionality. It also allows you to compress graphics and modify it using special filters and effects.
    Jun 11 2020 9.45 MB Multimedia > Other