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  • Cyberlink YouCam is a great tool that can significantly expand the functionality of a webcam, thanks to which even an inexperienced user can easily create video presentations, clips, apply various effects, filters and frames
    Jul 30 2020 380.81 MB
  • ManyCam is an interesting program that allows you to extend the capabilities of a webcam when using it in various applications, such as Skype, CamFrog, PalTalk, Yahoo, etc., by adding various special effects to the picture
    Jul 07 2020 92.15 MB
  • Xeoma - the program for video surveillance. Supports any web and IP cameras, including Wi-Fi cameras, as well as Internet cameras
    Mar 02 2020 88.75 MB
  • iSpy - a program that with the help of a microphone and a webcam allows you to monitor the room, and when it detects any movement or sound, it signals the user by sending an e-mail or SMS message
    May 29 2019 30.04 MB
  • Ivideon Client is a free application with a convenient and intuitive interface for connecting to Ivideon Server and viewing online and archived video both via the Internet and locally
    Mar 07 2019 40.91 MB
  • Ivideon Server is a free software product that makes it easy to create your own video surveillance system.
    Feb 27 2019 46.25 MB
  • Watcher - a program that allows you to turn a computer and a webcam into a home surveillance system
    Sep 21 2018 1.77 MB
  • VCam is a webcam emulator that allows users who do not have a video capture device to easily conduct conferences, distance learning, video chats, retransmit a video stream, etc.
    Jan 31 2018 16.63 MB
  • Revisor VMS is a program for building IP video surveillance systems. The application allows you to record, display, archive and play back images from IP cameras.
    Oct 31 2017 99.76 MB
  • Video2Webcam is a handy program that allows you to show movies and video clips to your buddies during a video chat.
    Oct 09 2017 2.56 MB
  • WebCamMax is an application with which you can add various video effects when working with a webcam, in video chats and video recordings. More than 1000 special effects are available, with which you can create your own unique video show.
    Sep 28 2017 24.94 MB
  • Live WebCam - home video surveillance system, with which you can automatically receive and save images from a webcam. There is an auto shooting mode, the ability to create realistic animated avatars (userpics) and much more
    May 11 2017 291 KB
  • CamsCapture is a small and free application that can be used for photo recording of any events, such as selling in a store, receiving / issuing goods, opening a cash drawer, etc., with further recording of the snapshot data into the enterprise accounting system
    Mar 10 2017 31 KB
  • ImWatcher is an easy-to-use video surveillance program for webcams and IP cameras to ensure the safety of your relatives, friends or personal belongings during your absence, automatically recording everything that happens when motion is detected.
    Feb 03 2017 24.4 MB
  • webcamXP Pro is a powerful utility for working with webcams, which allows you to provide access to your camera to any user without installing special server software on your computer
    Jun 17 2016 14.67 MB