• Weather & Time

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  • EarthTime - an application that will show the local time and date of any city in the world.
    Feb 19 2020 5.65 MB
  • WeatherMate is a small and fully free application whose task is to display weather information in the location indicated by the user.
    Oct 14 2019 0.37 MB
  • Weather Watcher - An excellent program that allows you to receive a weather report in a selected region for any city around the world. You can watch weather data by the day of the week or by the hour.
    Aug 04 2019 6.50 MB
  • Earth Alerts - a program that allows you to quickly receive information from all over the world about various natural disasters and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes
    Mar 20 2019 2.92 MB
  • sWeather is a weather application that is based on the Yahoo! Weather. It displays a small window with information on metrological conditions for selected locations.
    Feb 13 2019 2.54 MB
  • MetarWeather is a small, free utility that decodes METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report) weather forecasts from 4623 meteorological stations of airfields around the world, and displays them as a simple table
    Oct 30 2018 210 KB
  • MSN Pogoda is undoubtedly one of the best weather applications that provides detailed meteorological information for selected locations (there can be as many of them as possible).
    Aug 08 2018
  • Weather PL 2.0 is a simple application that provides current meteorological information for a user-defined location.
    Aug 07 2018
  • Weather is a very simple and aesthetic app created by a Pole, which in the form of a gadget displays on the desktop information about the weather in the selected location.
    May 14 2018
  • NewWeather - weather widget with a flip clock and various graphics to display the current weather condition on the Windows desktop
    Apr 05 2018 2.83 MB
  • Advanced Time Synchronizer - This is a powerful and easy-to-use computer clock synchronizer with time servers via the Internet, which can work with three time synchronization protocols, support for proxy servers and many other
    Jan 05 2018 10.38 MB
  • YoWindow is a modern utility for viewing the weather forecast. It is both an application that allows you to receive a weather report and a bright screensaver.
    Feb 12 2017 16.22 MB
  • Weather1 - this program is designed to show the weather around the world. It displays satellite and radar images of a very large number of cities and regions of the world (more than 5000), provides weather forecasts for the day, two, ten days, quarter and year.
    Apr 08 2016 6.17 MB
  • HTC Home - a weather widget on your desktop, an analogue of the HTC communicator widget with a clock, weather forecast and realistic animation.
    Feb 20 2015 9.29 MB
  • Desktop Weather is a small and very easy to use application that provides information on current metrological data. From its level, we will find out what the weather is currently in many different corners of the world, as well as in most Polish cities.
    Aug 28 2014
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