• Traffic control

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  • CommView is a program for intercepting and analyzing Internet and local network traffic. It collects information about data passing through a modem (dial-up) or a network card and decodes the analyzed data. CommView provides a complete analysis of more than 70 dist.
    May 13 2020 34.89 MB
  • BWMeter is a powerful utility for graphically displaying and counting traffic transmitted over your local network.
    Feb 14 2020 1.60 MB
  • NetTraffic is a small useful utility for monitoring network traffic and accounting statistics on selected interfaces.
    Jan 05 2020 0.37 MB
  • NetWorx is a utility that keeps track of your Internet traffic and monitoring the speed of your Internet connection. Offers convenient statistics, graphs and reports. Supports work with any cable and wireless connection, including a modem
    May 21 2019 9.80 MB
  • NetLimiter is an effective utility for monitoring and managing network traffic, with the ability to adjust the speed of data flow. There is a comprehensive statistics on all compounds used, with data displayed in graphical or tabular form.
    Mar 21 2019 6.71 MB
  • TMeter is a tool for traffic accounting and Internet access for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Using TMeter, you can perform flexible and accurate traffic counting on any basis (source / destination IP address, protocol, port, etc.
    Aug 20 2018 12.09 MB
  • Windows 10 Firewall Control - an easy-to-use tool for managing applications and monitoring network activity, offering additional filters to control software access to the network and the Internet.
    May 27 2018 3.97 MB
  • InternetOff is a free utility that allows you to quickly turn on / off the Internet connection of your computer, controlling the connection from the system tray
    May 11 2018 1.88 MB
  • DU Meter is a handy utility for tracking real-time internet connection speeds. Contains a wide functional toolkit for monitoring and working with traffic, setting its volume and connection time
    Feb 12 2018 6.20 MB
  • Traffic Inspector is a comprehensive solution for organizing access to the Internet, providing accurate user accounting, reliable network protection, effective traffic and working time savings
    Sep 02 2017 63.38 MB
  • Internet Connection Counter is a program for recording traffic, time and money when working on the Internet with various types of connections over TCP / IP protocol (Dial-Up, GPRS, ADSL, LAN network, etc.)
    Feb 06 2015 981 KB
  • Lim Network Info is a small, handy utility for monitoring connections over a network or to the Internet. In the program settings you need to select the network connection for which to monitor
    Nov 11 2014 2.26 MB
  • BitTally - the network traffic monitor is designed to automatically detect the parameters of network traffic, accumulate and store statistics and automatically perform actions in real time.
    May 23 2013 2.78 MB
  • TrafficCompressor - Program to save your traffic. Compresses data received and sent via the Internet, for example, web pages, e-mail, Usenet, ICQ, IRC messages and many other types of traffic. Traffic reduction can reach 40% -60%
    Dec 10 2011 1.47 MB
  • Woobind Network Meter - the program is designed to keep track of traffic Dial Up and LAN. Also knows how to keep records of cash expenditures when paying for traffic by megabyte
    Nov 15 2011 1.34 MB