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  • BitLord is an extensive P2P client created for Bittorrent network support. It allows downloading and sharing of large files - music, movies, software or computer games.
    Sep 11 2020 0.18 MB
  • Fopnu is a P2P client with the same name, developed by the authors of the BitTorrent client named Tixati. Fopnu is a fully decentralized network, without indexing search results and without passing on other users' searches. Connections are carried out by UDP and fully encrypted.
    Mar 03 2020 10.35 MB
  • Ares is a P2P client that enables sharing of resources between multiple users including audio files, videos, programs, documents and photos.
    Feb 07 2020 6.54 MB
  • TorrentRover is addressed to torrent users, which allows advanced file search. It's also worth paying attention to because of the many options for personalizing your settings.
    Dec 27 2019 9.06 MB
  • BiglyBT is an Azureus-based free BitTorrent client application used to download data from the Internet in the P2P model.
    Dec 11 2019 10.77 MB
  • Azureus Vuze is a very popular client in Poland and in the world for direct file exchange in the form of P2P, an alternative to the official BitTorrent. Just like the official application, after installing it automatically identifies clicks on special links so-called. torrents, which hide the files to be downloaded. Azureus Vuze allows you to download multiple files at once, queue tasks, prioritize and get instant access to the most important information about the downloaded torrent.
    Dec 11 2019 15.72 MB
  • AirDC ++ is a free and lightweight Direct Connect client based on the popular StrongDC ++. It allows direct exchange of files between users of the network, giving access to a huge amount of software, games or multimedia.
    Nov 18 2019 46.50 MB
  • OnionShare is a program for direct file sharing using Tor browser mechanisms, and thus with full anonymity. Files can be of any size.
    Oct 14 2019 37.18 MB
  • Koinonein BitTorrent Client is a BitTorrent client based on the libtorrent library, addressed to owners of computers running the Windows operating system in both 32 and 64-bit versions.
    Apr 15 2019 10.21 MB
  • Neighbor is a free BitTorrent client offering features that are not available in other applications of this type.
    Sep 20 2018
  • NitroShare is an easy to use cross-platform application for transferring files.
    Sep 20 2018 7.45 MB
  • Powder Player is a tool that primarily serves to download videos from the BitTorrent network and launch them using the built-in media player.
    May 21 2018
  • FinalTorrent is a simple BitTorrent client with built-in torrent search engine, characterized by small size and low demand for system resources.
    Mar 22 2018 3.88 MB
  • BitZilla is a small BitTorrent client with extensive capabilities. It is available for Windows and Mac OS operating systems and offers support for plugins that will certainly satisfy slightly more demanding users.
    Nov 24 2017 12.63 MB
  • SoulseekQt is one of the most popular P2P applications in the world, giving access to huge collections of various types of music. With its help, you can easily and quickly find your favorite songs, and then download them and save them to the local disk of your computer.
    Feb 21 2017 6.72 MB