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  • WhatsApp is a desktop version of the popular mobile messenger. There is full synchronization with the application on your mobile device, supported by system notifications, work with hot keys, sharing photos, music and videos
    Apr 02 2020 124.31 MB
  • Viber is a desktop version of the popular messenger, which allows you to send messages for free and call other Viber users on any devices in any networks and countries. There is a synchronization of contacts, messages and call logs with the phone
    Apr 01 2020 92.24 MB
  • Telegram Desktop is an instant messenger that allows you to send text messages, photos, videos and files saved in various formats (doc, zip, mp3, etc.), as well as creating groups of up to 200 users.
    Mar 27 2020 20.77 MB
  • Kakao Talk is a very easy to use, but at the same time quite extensive and free instant messenger. The version for personal computers allows you to synchronize data with editing to mobile devices.
    Mar 24 2020 51.11 MB
  • Slack is a very powerful communicator prepared for small and medium-sized enterprises, whose members work together remotely using the Internet.
    Mar 19 2020 65.20 MB
  • mIRC is an IRC client. IRC is an Internet Relay Chat, a kind of network designed specifically for real-time communication.
    Mar 02 2020 3.10 MB
  • Amazon Chime is a messenger designed primarily for companies, focused on group communication and conversations with clients. It stands out with its refined interface and lightness.
    Feb 21 2020 53.03 MB
  • ICQ is one of the most popular instant messengers. The program does not need a special presentation
    Feb 20 2020 43.50 MB
    Freeware / Adware
  • Wire is a multiplatform communicator, which owes its popularity to the fact that it was created in cooperation with programmers working previously on Skype. The program is available on various platforms, and the most distinguished is its well-developed interface.
    Feb 16 2020 68.47 MB
  • Camfrog Video Chat is an online messenger optimized for video conferencing, which, unlike many other applications for chatting with the help of a camera and microphone, allows you to create virtual rooms for communication with many people at the same time.
    Feb 11 2020 58.26 MB
  • Paltalk is a free instant messenger that features a modern user interface and simplicity of operation.
    Feb 09 2020 72.06 MB
  • Caprine is a desktop messaging tool for Messenger Facebook, which offers exactly the same features as the official application for sharing to the site members founded by Mark Zuckerberg, but also includes a number of additional options.
    Jan 27 2020 45.28 MB
  • Confide is an easy-to-use application for sending encrypted and self-destructing messages containing text, photos, documents and even voice messages.
    Jan 17 2020 75.01 MB
  • Microsoft Teams is an instant messenger with a number of extremely useful tools to help you work in a group.
    Jan 08 2020 92.63 MB
  • GG 12 is another version of the first and most popular Polish internet messenger, allowing users to text and audio-video communication based on Instant Messaging (IM) technology.
    Jan 02 2020 0.38 MB
    Freeware / Adware