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  • Mozilla Thunderbird is a powerful enough free email client that allows you to work with e-mail as efficiently as possible. Embedded HTML letter editor creates compact code
    Nov 07 2019 40.71 MB
  • Lightning is a small and popular plug-in that adds a fully functional calendar to the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.
    Nov 04 2019 4.88 MB
  • Postbox is a mail client for Windows and Mac computers.
    Oct 30 2019 45.41 MB
  • Outlook4Gmail is an interesting extension intended for users of the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client who are also using the Gmail service. It allows convenient synchronization not so much of e-mail, but also of the contact list and calendar content.
    Oct 30 2019 10.03 MB
  • FoxMail is a mail program with features comparable to The Bat !, but free and with full HTML support
    Oct 30 2019 43.05 MB
  • MOBackup is a program for backing up data stored in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client.
    Oct 29 2019 5.75 MB
  • Mailbird is a modern and very fast e-mail client supporting Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, iCloud and any other services based on IMAP or POP3 protocols.
    Oct 21 2019 1.86 MB
  • Mailspring is a free e-mail client for computers with Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems.
    Oct 15 2019
  • eM Client is an excellent free email client with the ability to use as a calendar, task book and chat messenger.
    Oct 15 2019 68.59 MB
  • GroupMail Free Edition is a free version of the program designed to send messages addressed to many recipients. With its help, we can create newsletters, newsletters, advertising leaflets or inform about important events.
    Oct 10 2019 17.97 MB
  • DreamMail is a very interesting e-mail client supporting, among others such protocols as SMTP, eSMTP, POP 3, Hotmail or Yahoo.
    Sep 27 2019 18.33 MB
  • Wavebox is a noteworthy desktop mail client for Gmail, but not only. It also successfully supports other providers and the most popular web applications that perform various functions.
    Aug 05 2019 80.48 MB
  • Arclab MailList Controller is a basic and free edition of a tool designed for sending personalized e-mails to many recipients at the same time. Its functionality will certainly be appreciated by people who during their work send various types of newsletters, advertising campaigns, advertisements, etc.
    Jul 16 2019 61.07 MB
  • The Bat! is an advanced e-mail program referring to the tradition of the best tools of this type.
    Jun 27 2019 35.78 MB
  • NK2Edit is a small free program for correcting or changing MS-Outlook email addresses that are on the autocomplete list and are stored in a .NK2 file.
    Jun 19 2019 0.43 MB