• Cloud storage

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  • Cryptomator is an open and free data encryption tool that has been designed to work with all online disks that use synchronization mechanisms with local catalogs. The entire encryption takes place on the client's side so that the data does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons
    Apr 01 2021 53.16 MB
  • Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a small application that allows access to data stored as part of the OneDrive service offered by Microsoft, directly from the operating system (without the need to launch an Internet browser).
    Mar 17 2021 36.08 MB
  • Air Explorer is an unusual file explorer that allows you to manage both local files and collected in various cloud-based network services in one place. The program supports the most popular accounts of this type and allows to significantly facilitate the work with many such services at the same time.
    Mar 04 2021 0.39 MB
  • CarotDAV is a small but very useful client application, from which we can use SkyDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box and SugarSync, as well as connect with any FTP server, IMAP / IMAPS and WebDAV.
    Feb 12 2021 1.70 MB
  • SugarSync File Manager is a small and multi-platform SugarSync client application that allows you to synchronize and share data with other users over the Internet.
    Feb 09 2021 15.37 MB
  • MEGAsync is a small tool used to support the online disk as part of the MEGA service. It enables convenient and fast sending of files to external servers and their synchronization on many computers.
    Feb 02 2021 33.53 MB
  • Google Drive is a small application that acts as a virtual disk client offered as part of a service with the same name. It allows you to streamline the operations of placing files and folders in the cloud, as well as their subsequent synchronization.
    Jan 25 2021
  • Cloudevo is a tool addressed to people who have various files "in the cloud".
    Oct 23 2020 11.55 MB
  • Box Sync is a client application of the Box.com virtual disk service, allowing automatic synchronization of data between the computer and external servers in the cloud.
    Sep 24 2020 34.58 MB
  • Yandex.Disk is a disk-based program for the Russian company Yandex. The program offers the option of automatically synchronizing files with the cloud, as well as taking screenshots and publishing them in the cloud.
    Aug 04 2020 1.86 MB
  • Backup and Sync (Google Backup and Sync) is a program for synchronizing data from Google Drive and Photo Services, which is a connection and direct successor of separate Drive and Photo clients. It enables automatic data transfer between a computer and a virtual disk in the cloud to provide additional data security.
    Jun 26 2020
  • SugarSync File Manager is a small and multi-platform SugarSync client application that allows you to synchronize and share data with other users via the Internet.
    Oct 28 2019 14.04 MB
  • get2Clouds is a tool for very easy and quick sharing of files using the cloud.
    Sep 10 2019
  • ChomikBox is a free program for downloading and sharing materials via Chomikuj.pl. To operate, you must have a free account on the above-mentioned website.
    Aug 31 2019 26.69 MB
  • File Ark is a tool for storing data "in the cloud", thanks to which we will save some space on physical media.
    Apr 04 2019 42.54 MB