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  • Internet Explorer Collection is a special installer that includes all versions of Internet Explorer that Microsoft has released since its inception (from IE 1.0 to IE 8.0)
    Dec 28 2011 55.49 MB
  • Webian Shell is an experimental project released by Mozilla Labs, a cross-platform full-screen web browser built on the Mozilla Chromeless platform that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies
    Nov 12 2011 14.71 MB
  • Flock is a Mozilla Firefox-based browser positioned as the first social browser that has a whole arsenal of tools for working with social Internet networks, as well as convenient blogging tools.
    Feb 03 2011
  • Orca Browser is a very fast, cute, handy browser built with the FireFox core. It has many options. It has all the features of the most advanced browsers. Convenient and unobtrusive interface
    Dec 21 2009 9.58 MB
  • Acoo Browser is a fairly powerful multi-window browser built on the Internet Explorer engine with advanced features.
    Oct 04 2009 1.82 MB