• Browser Utilities

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  • NoScript - FireFox browser add-on, with which the user can block / allow execution of Java scripts, JAVA applets, Flash banners and other potentially dangerous components of web pages
    May 20 2020 0.56 MB
  • Flagfox is a small application for the FireFox browser that displays the flag of the country where the current site server is located with various tools: site security check, whois, translation, similar sites, html check, URL shortening, etc.
    Mar 02 2020 0.82 MB
  • Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner is a tool for finding and removing unwanted extensions, toolbars and various add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.
    Feb 11 2020 14.55 MB
  • Turn Off the Lights - a browser extension that darkens the extra part of the page when viewing a video, thereby providing a more convenient and comfortable viewing video.
    Jan 20 2020
  • LastPass is a handy tool that allows you to store passwords and logins, as well as manage them in popular web browsers, on mobile devices and sync across platforms.
    Nov 18 2019 33.15 MB
  • EPUBReader is an excellent Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that makes it very convenient to open and read ePub files on your computer right in the window of this web browser without using additional programs.
    Oct 30 2019 0.17 MB
  • SpeedyFox is a small utility for popular browsers, as well as for Skype and Viber, designed to speed up their work. Allows to increase loading speed up to three times, optimizing sqlite-bases in folders
    Oct 25 2019 0.66 MB
    Freeware / Adware
  • Privacy Badger is a browser extension that can block user tracking modules placed on sites, including spyware, hidden cookies, etc.
    Oct 02 2019
  • AM-DeadLink is a free utility that searches for broken and duplicate links in Favorite various web browsers. Independently checks all links to accessibility, whether it be the root directory of the site or the internal page
    May 16 2019
  • Auslogics Browser Care is a useful application for servicing Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
    Mar 27 2019 11.58 MB
  • A free add-on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to access sites that are banned in your region, change your actual location by changing your IP address and protecting your personal data while you are online.
    Mar 18 2019 1.28 MB
  • BrowserAddonsView is a useful program that will tell about all installed plugins in your browser: their ID, status, version, short description, installation and update date, profile folder and other data. Supports all popular browsers
    Mar 13 2019 212 KB
  • ImTranslator is a handy plug-in for the Firefox browser, which is an online translator of 2652 language combinations. It should be noted that the program is well equipped with modules such as a translation editor, a virtual keyboard, a verification module.
    Feb 28 2019 1.97 MB
  • Chrome Download Unblocker - a simple tool to disable the blocking of downloading files in the Google Chrome browser
    Feb 20 2019 4.16 MB
  • Momentum is a colorful and stylish addition to the Google Chrome browser that will replace the boring and unpresentable new tab with a bright and functional picture.
    Feb 15 2019 12.42 MB