• Bookmark managers

    20 items
  • Evernote is a program with which you can quickly and conveniently memorize everything you want to remember and view your notes, wherever the user is, from any computer or mobile phone
    Jun 25 2020 124.84 MB
    Freeware / Adware
  • Favorites is a small utility for saving the Favorites and Bookmarks values ​​of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Yandex and Rambler browsers in the formats: RTF, TXT, HTML
    Feb 24 2019 324 KB
  • Speed ​​Dial is a great addition to the Firefox browser for organizing your browser's start page to be able to quickly access your favorite and most visited resources on the Internet.
    Nov 19 2018 7.19 MB
  • TabMark - NewTab Speed ​​Dial Extension - an extension for Google Chrome to alternatively replace the standard Speed ​​Dial page with a customizable custom tab with quick access to the most visited pages and bookmarks.
    Jun 02 2018 1.24 MB
  • Linkman is a functional utility for managing bookmarks in the most popular browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera), allowing the user to save, organize, check for integrity and make notes
    Dec 29 2017 7.49 MB
  • PersonaURL is a personal directory of Internet resources, thanks to which you can quickly start working with the most visited sites immediately after registration, get access only to safe and trusted resources. There is a built-in key editor
    Jul 05 2017 4.81 MB
    Freeware (с рекламой)
  • Total Collector is a free program for storing links to web pages, as well as information about contacts. Allows you to store website addresses, passwords, arbitrary text notes and comments
    Feb 21 2017 4.19 MB
  • LinkCollector is a convenient and easy-to-use bookmark manager that supports work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers.
    Feb 14 2017 4.24 MB
  • URL Monitor is a portable utility that stores all URL links you entered and saved on the clipboard, allowing you to sort them by individual lists.
    Mar 16 2016 2.63 MB
  • Tile Tabs is an excellent extension for the Firefox browser that allows you to display tabs in the form of tiles, placing them on the monitor screen on your own.
    Jul 13 2015 142 KB
  • Session Manager is a great addition to the Firefox browser, which is a session manager for saving and restoring the state of all or individual windows
    Jul 09 2015 543 KB
  • Startpack Launcher - a convenient solution for quick access to the most popular sites and cloud services
    Apr 08 2015 34.05 MB
  • Super Start - addition to the Firefox browser, with which the browser home page is fully customized with visual bookmarks
    Jan 05 2015 115 KB
  • Atavi bookmarks is a convenient extension for Opera to save and synchronize bookmarks. Now you can access your bookmarks at any time and from any device on any OS.
    Sep 08 2014 29 KB
  • Website Opener is an easy-to-use bookmark manager that allows you to quickly open all your favorite sites.
    Aug 28 2014 1.54 MB