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  • 4K Stogram is a desktop Instagram client that allows you to download and save photos of any Instagram user. Just enter your username or insert a link to a photo and click "Follow User"
    Nov 20 2019 29.71 MB
    Freeware / Adware
  • WordPress is a powerful personal blogging platform. It contains an excellent set of features in order to simplify the process of creating online publications as much as possible, to make it pleasant and convenient.
    Mar 14 2019 11.65 MB
  • OkTools is a browser plugin that extends the standard features of the Odnoklassniki social network. With it, you can download music and videos, set your themes and more. Supports all popular browsers
    Nov 12 2018 113 KB
  • VKPoster is a convenient, professional and completely free program for deferred posting in the VKontakte community.
    Nov 06 2018 14.57 MB
  • Multifox is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to connect to websites using multiple accounts simultaneously.
    Oct 24 2017 84 KB
  • VK Notification is an excellent application for all users of the most popular Russian social network VKontakte, which allows you to instantly receive alerts from groups and public networks.
    Nov 01 2016 18.2 MB
  • VKChecker is a program that allows you to receive instant notifications about new posts in open groups and public social network VKontakte. You do not need to have a VK account to work.
    Feb 23 2016 3.43 MB
  • Instrumentum is an extension for Google Chrome with a large number of useful functions that will be useful to every VKontakte user.
    Sep 29 2015 313 KB
  • EmojiPlus is an extension for Google Chrome that adds new sets of smilies and stickers for VKontakte, in addition to the standard ones.
    Sep 28 2015 501 KB
  • Facebook Extreme is an alternative client for the most popular social network Facebook, which allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.
    Sep 14 2015 68.55 MB
  • Mix Poster - a program for publishing interesting materials that have already received popular evaluation, in their groups and on their page
    Aug 18 2015 14.97 MB
  • VKmod is a browser extension for all fans of the most popular social network VKontakte, which is designed to brighten up the use of the service, making it more vivid, diverse and unusual by applying sets of themes, skins and wallpapers.
    Apr 28 2015 363 KB
  • Facebook @Desktop is a small utility with which you can manage your Facebook account from the desktop
    Sep 23 2014 708 KB
  • VkNews - a program for mutual PR groups. Serves to promote your communities VKontakte
    Sep 15 2014 4.99 MB
  • Mibew Messenger is a free web-based online consulting application. Adds a direct link button with your operators to the site, while all communication takes place directly in the browser
    Feb 06 2014 489 KB