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  • VyprVPN is a well-thought-out and easy-to-use VPN client that allows you to connect to multiple servers across the globe
    Mar 01 2021 4.46 MB
  • One of the best alternative solutions for OpenVPN and Microsoft VPN, which offers the user strong AES 256-bit and RSA 4096-bit encryption, firewall transparency, support for dynamic DNS and NAT Traversal protocol, and much more
    Feb 03 2021
  • TunnelBear is a cross-platform VPN client that allows you to safely surf the Internet, hide confidential data from prying eyes and gain access to websites prohibited in your country.
    Jan 15 2021 130.78 MB
  • Hotspot Shield is a free program that will protect you when connecting to open Wi-Fi access points by creating a virtual VPN network between a PC and a hot spot, while encrypting all outgoing and incoming packets
    Jan 11 2021 19.51 MB
  • hide.me VPN - a VPN client for Windows with a set of unique features that set it apart from other solutions.
    Jan 02 2021 5.77 MB
  • Make your web presence invisible with CyberGhost VPN - an application that provides anonymous use of the Internet, guarantees security and privacy during data transfer. When visiting sites, the real IP address will be changed
    Dec 16 2020 3.75 MB
  • Avast SecureLine VPN - a small utility to encrypt and protect your Internet connection from spyware and tracking modules
    Dec 01 2020 19.63 MB
  • ZenMate is a browser plugin that is a VPN client for ensuring secure and confidential surfing on the Internet.
    Feb 10 2020
  • Free and easy to use plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox, with which you can quickly and easily hide your IP address. Thanks to the extension, you can easily bypass the blocking of any web resources, reliably protect your anonymity online
    Nov 13 2019 5.17 MB
  • Reliable protection against hacking, tracking and censorship, thanks to a secure WiFi connection, anonymous web browsing and unlimited access to your favorite websites and services. There is support for IP v4 / v6, as well as 256-bit encryption
    Feb 27 2019 5.54 MB
  • Ultrasurf is a utility that provides anonymous surfing and provides privacy on the Internet. Hides IP address and location, clears search history, cookies, allows you to overcome blocking on the Internet
    Feb 15 2019 3.43 MB
  • Seed4.Me VPN is an application that allows you to anonymously surf the Web, hiding your IP address. You will have your own encrypted channel that will protect against hacker attacks, and you can be sure of safety when using any open WiFi hotspot.
    Jan 21 2019 10.32 MB
  • A simple and reliable plugin that provides uninterrupted and confidential access to your favorite sites without losing speed. The utility improves and speeds up access to sites, encrypts traffic, opens TOR (.onion) sites and supports EmerDNS
    Oct 24 2018 361 KB
  • Freegate - the program will help bypass website blocking at the level of Internet providers on the principle of using a network of private proxy servers. The application does not require installation and does not affect the system settings.
    Feb 26 2018 4.77 MB
  • An easy-to-use VPN client for virtually any task, with which you can quickly and easily merge remote PCs into one virtual network. The application reliably protects all transmitted data and is characterized by high speed
    Jan 31 2018 20.18 MB