• WakeMeOnLan is a small free utility that allows you to remotely turn on one or more computers by sending packets via Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
    May 24 2020 0.36 MB Internet & Network > Network
  • TurboFTP is a fast, and at the same time easy to use FTP client for Windows.
    May 22 2020 11.74 MB Internet & Network > FTP / SSH / Telnet
  • Camfrog Video Chat is an online messenger optimized for video conferencing, which, unlike many other applications for chatting with the help of a camera and microphone, allows you to create virtual rooms for communication with many people at the same time.
    May 22 2020 84.86 MB Internet & Network > Messenger
  • Make your web presence invisible with CyberGhost VPN - an application that provides anonymous use of the Internet, guarantees security and privacy during data transfer. When visiting sites, the real IP address will be changed
    May 20 2020 0.05 MB Internet & Network > Anonymizers / VPN
  • NoScript - FireFox browser add-on, with which the user can block / allow execution of Java scripts, JAVA applets, Flash banners and other potentially dangerous components of web pages
    May 20 2020 0.56 MB Internet & Network > Browser Utilities
  • Wireshark is a utility for detailed analysis of network packets of local area networks in real time, with the ability to display the value of each protocol field at any level. Works with different input formats, supports various network protocols.
    May 20 2020 57.26 MB Internet & Network > Network
  • Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a small application that allows access to data stored as part of the OneDrive service offered by Microsoft, directly from the operating system (without the need to launch an Internet browser).
    May 19 2020 34.15 MB Internet & Network > Cloud storage
  • Windows and Office ISO Downloader is a convenient free utility that allows you to download official Windows operating system images and MS Office packages directly from Microsoft servers. Easy to use and does not require installation.
    May 19 2020 6.36 MB Internet & Network > File upload
    Freeware / Adware
  • VSO Downloader is a smart manager for multi-threaded file downloads, with which you can easily download online videos from various video hosting services, such as YouTube
    May 15 2020 27.43 MB Internet & Network > File upload
  • Cent Browser is an improved version of the Chromium web browser, which has been equipped with a number of additional features that facilitate everyday work on a computer with the Windows operating system.
    May 14 2020 60.05 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Hotspot Shield is a free program that will protect you when connecting to open Wi-Fi access points by creating a virtual VPN network between a PC and a hot spot, while encrypting all outgoing and incoming packets
    May 14 2020 17.25 MB Internet & Network > Anonymizers / VPN
    Commercial software
  • QuiteRSS is a free and easy-to-use program for reading RSS / Atom news feeds (RSS aggregator). Among the features of QuiteRSS are the import and export of channels (OPML files), the update of tapes at startup or on a schedule.
    May 14 2020 26.40 MB Internet & Network > News / RSS clients
  • Youtube Downloader HD is a free and extremely easy-to-use program for downloading videos from YouTube and saving it on a computer with the ability to convert to AVI or MP4 format (compatible with iPod, iPhone)
    May 14 2020 9.43 MB Internet & Network > File upload
  • CommView is a program for intercepting and analyzing Internet and local network traffic. It collects information about data passing through a modem (dial-up) or a network card and decodes the analyzed data. CommView provides a complete analysis of more than 70 dist.
    May 13 2020 34.89 MB Internet & Network > Traffic control
  • CommView for WiFi is a program for capturing and analyzing network packets in 802.11 a / b / g wireless networks. It receives information from the wireless network adapter and decodes the data being analyzed.
    May 13 2020 92.04 MB Internet & Network > Network