• Free Download Manager - a successful symbiosis of download manager and offline browser. With the help of the program, you can not only quickly download several files from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers at the same time, but also download the entire site to your PC.
    Jul 05 2020 30.80 MB Internet & Network > Offline browsers
  • MailWasher Pro - the program allows users to view letters located on various email accounts before downloading them to your machine. Thanks to this program you can delete or return unnecessary letters back to the sender.
    Jul 05 2020 23.78 MB Internet & Network > E-Mail
  • Chromium is the "progenitor" of all chromium-like browsers. Fast and reliable, today it provides high speed surfing, protection against phishing and malware. Well, the use of extensions and plug-ins will significantly expand the functionality of the browser
    Jul 04 2020 56.09 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • RarmaRadio is a program for listening and recording Internet radio stations, as well as for watching TV-stations. It has a wide range of features, providing comfortable listening to radio stations and convenient recording of broadcast data
    Jul 04 2020 13.13 MB Internet & Network > Radio, TV players
  • SmartFTP is an FTP client with an easily customizable explorer-like interface and support for Windows themes. The program implements: multi-threaded download, resume, work through proxies and firewalls, SSL, FXP, Drag-n-Drop operations, work on schedule
  • Tapinradio is a simple internet radio with a huge base of radio stations from around the world. You can choose from more than 15,000 stations of various directions, networks and genres.
    Jul 04 2020 16.95 MB Internet & Network > Radio, TV players
  • eM Client is an excellent free email client with the ability to use as a calendar, task book and chat messenger.
    Jul 03 2020 105.43 MB Internet & Network > E-Mail
  • Opera is the most popular browser, which is equipped with all the necessary features for convenient and safe work on the Internet. Allows you to comfortably surf the Web, maintaining a high download speed of web pages, even with a poor Internet connection
    Jul 03 2020 57.69 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Grammarly is a useful addition for Google Chrome, which is targeted at people publishing various types of texts on the Internet in English.
  • Firefox for Odnoklassniki is a special version of the Fox customized for users of the Odnoklassniki social network. The standard page is a Console access to all major functions, providing complete freedom of communication.
    Jul 02 2020 53.11 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) - version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser with an extended support period. The release period is much longer than usual. Only updates covering security holes are released for it.
    Jul 02 2020 47.74 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Free YouTube Download is a free and easy-to-use program for downloading video files from YouTube and converting them to AVI, MP4, FLV, WebM formats. Supports HD (High Definition) and HQ (Higher Quality) video
    Jul 02 2020 54.39 MB Internet & Network > File upload
    Freeware / Adware
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a free program that allows you to download any YouTube video in MP3 format in just one click.
    Jul 02 2020 58.55 MB Internet & Network > File upload
  • Waterfox is a free, high-performance browser based on the source code of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, designed specifically for 64-bit Windows operating systems.
    Jul 02 2020 71.16 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Wireshark is a utility for detailed analysis of network packets of local area networks in real time, with the ability to display the value of each protocol field at any level. Works with different input formats, supports various network protocols.
    Jul 02 2020 57.30 MB Internet & Network > Network