• AnyDesk is a free application that is intended for remote access to a computer. There is the possibility of administration, access to all files, folders, photos, music on a remote PC, complete privacy and access security
    Apr 04 2020 3.01 MB Internet & Network > Network
  • Brave is an innovative browser based on Chromium, which is focused primarily on the safe use of all the capabilities of the Internet and high speed
    Apr 04 2020 1.24 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • EasyNetMonitor is a small, free utility for monitoring computers on a local network and Internet hosts. A simple and convenient way to ping the IP address and Internet site to test performance
    Apr 04 2020 0.07 MB Internet & Network > Network
  • Firefox for Odnoklassniki is a special version of the Fox customized for users of the Odnoklassniki social network. The standard page is a Console access to all major functions, providing complete freedom of communication.
    Apr 04 2020 50.24 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • SlimBrowser is a free TPI browser (Tab-Page Interface). The program has a built-in pop-up blocker that works according to specified profiles (there is a possibility to recover incorrectly closed windows)
    Apr 04 2020 47.83 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Slimjet is a Chromium-based browser with enhanced user privacy while online, conveniently configured, high page opening speed, stable operation and built-in useful extensions.
    Apr 04 2020 53.80 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Vivaldi is an innovative browser based on the Chromium engine from former developers of the popular Opera web browser, which incorporates many of its convenient and interesting solutions from the original versions
    Apr 02 2020 59.02 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • WhatsApp is a desktop version of the popular mobile messenger. There is full synchronization with the application on your mobile device, supported by system notifications, work with hot keys, sharing photos, music and videos
    Apr 02 2020 124.31 MB Internet & Network > Messenger
  • YTD (short for YouTube Downloader) is a simple to use and extensive application that is used to download footage from YouTube and more.
    Apr 01 2020 18.15 MB Internet & Network > File Downloader
  • Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, which offers stable, fast and secure work on the Internet. In addition, this web browser is able to fully customize to the individual characteristics of a particular user.
  • Skype is a megapopular program with which you can make voice and video calls to all corners of the globe absolutely free. Developers declare complete privacy of communication and personal data, which is achieved by encrypting traffic.
    Apr 01 2020 66.77 MB Internet & Network > VoIP
  • Viber is a desktop version of the popular messenger, which allows you to send messages for free and call other Viber users on any devices in any networks and countries. There is a synchronization of contacts, messages and call logs with the phone
    Apr 01 2020 92.24 MB Internet & Network > Messenger
  • Sleipnir is a cross-platform web browser that provides the user with a wide range of options to customize to personal preferences. The browser has a large variety of functions, such as tab grouping.
    Mar 31 2020 62.62 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Epic Privacy Browser is another implementation of the browser on the Chromium platform, which is focused on protecting user privacy on the Internet
    Mar 30 2020 1.75 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • Windows and Office ISO Downloader is a convenient free utility that allows you to download official Windows operating system images and MS Office packages directly from Microsoft servers. Easy to use and does not require installation.
    Mar 30 2020 6.50 MB Internet & Network > File upload
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