• CopyTrans Manager is a free application designed to manage the resources of Apple devices (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and 3G, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Photo) without having to run resource-consuming iTunes program on the Windows platform.
    Sep 09 2020 15.72 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Coolmuster Android Assistant is a tool primarily used to backup and recover data from mobile devices working under the control of the Android operating system.
    Sep 09 2020 19.93 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • XMedia Recode is a free tool for converting files saved in audio and video format. The application has all the most important functions for converting multimedia files and options supporting data processing for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, gaming consoles or mobile phones.
    Sep 07 2020 13.30 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • My Family Tree is a small, easy to use and free application, used to create family trees. It offers a large number of interesting options that allow you to collect a lot of relevant data about each family member.
    Sep 06 2020 7.79 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • Syncios Manager is a set of tools designed for comprehensive service from the computer level of mobile devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad. It supports all editions of smartphones and tablets running iOS 6, iOS 7, and the latest iOS 8.
    Sep 03 2020 126.49 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Blizzard Battle.net is an application necessary to run selected games from Blizzard Entertainment and Activision.
    Sep 03 2020 4.67 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • EMDB is a free application that allows you to easily organize your own movie collection. The program allows you to add new movies, delete old ones, automatically download information about them from the IMDB database.
    Sep 03 2020 4.77 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Collecting
  • Garmin Express is the official application for Garmin GPS navigation management. It allows you to update navigation maps, share news with the Garmin Connect community, register devices to make their guarantees easier in the event of a fault, and even update golf course maps.
    Sep 02 2020 112.34 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Auction Monitor is an application for users of advertising / auction portals such as allegro.pl, olx.pl and ebay. It allows you to search for bargain offers and facilitates the purchase of any item or service at an attractive price.
    Aug 31 2020 2.31 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • MyPhoneExplorer is a tool designed to synchronize the contents of Sony Ericsson phones and many others with Android, with a PC.
    Aug 31 2020 16.48 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Music Collector is an extensive program for CD, vinyl, DVD collectors, cassettes and music in digital form. The program can automatically download information about the discs in the computer's optical drive, files on the disk, and also allows you to manually search for and add releases.
    Aug 25 2020 32.93 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Music
  • Caliber is a "Swiss officer's knife" for modern bookworms using tablets and readers. Caliber not only provides convenient tools for viewing, organizing and converting digital books, but also allows you to create books from content provided by RSS feeds.
    Aug 21 2020 118.04 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • TouchCopy is a program designed to manage the content of devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad in all available versions based on the firmware 1.1.X, 2.X, 3.X, iOS4, iOS5 or iOS6.
    Aug 21 2020 38.65 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Genealogical Tree is an application supporting the creation and imaging of genealogical data.
    Jul 30 2020 51.60 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • Samsung Smart Switch is a useful tool for Samsung smartphone owners, with which you can quickly and easily migrate data to a new device. Also can restore backups from Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia devices.
    Jul 27 2020 38.69 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile