• Caliber is a "Swiss officer's knife" for modern bookworms using tablets and readers. Caliber not only provides convenient tools for viewing, organizing and converting digital books, but also allows you to create books from content provided by RSS feeds.
    Jul 03 2020 118.12 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • AutoMapa is the most popular satellite navigation program in Poland that allows you to set routes. Thanks to the cooperation with the GPS receiver, it allows you to set the position with an accuracy of several meters, and also allows you to dynamically set a new route after running off of the designated one.
  • F.lux is a small utility, useful for those who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. Depending on the time of day, the application automatically changes the color scheme of your screen to make it more comfortable for the eyes.
    Jun 24 2020 0.62 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Health
  • Xperia Companion (formerly Sony PC Companion) is, as the name suggests, a set of Sony phone management software (Ericsson).
    Jun 17 2020 78.57 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • My Family Tree is a small, easy to use and free application, used to create family trees. It offers a large number of interesting options that allow you to collect a lot of relevant data about each family member.
    Jun 15 2020 7.75 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • Genealogical Tree is an application supporting the creation and imaging of genealogical data.
    Jun 08 2020 51.39 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • Garmin Express is the official application for Garmin GPS navigation management. It allows you to update navigation maps, share news with the Garmin Connect community, register devices to make their guarantees easier in the event of a fault, and even update golf course maps.
    May 31 2020 112.23 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • TomTom HOME is an application designed to install and update maps and other elements on TomTom navigation devices.
    May 27 2020 28.07 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • DroidCam is a small and very simple tool that allows you to transmit video from any Android smartphone or tablet to your computer. It allows the use of an external device for video chatting using many of the most popular instant messengers.
    May 12 2020 1.49 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • MyPhoneExplorer is a tool designed to synchronize the contents of Sony Ericsson phones and many others with Android, with a PC.
    Apr 07 2020 15.73 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • HiSuite is a program for managing data stored in the memory of the Huawei mobile device with the Android operating system and optimizing its operation, which allows you to increase the performance of your smartphone or tablet. The application works perfectly well with devices from other manufacturers.
    Mar 22 2020 Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • PRINTS Gofin is a free (non-commercial use) application that gives you the opportunity to conveniently fill various types of official prints (and not only) using a computer.
    Mar 18 2020 89.02 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • Auction Monitor is an application for users of advertising / auction portals such as allegro.pl, olx.pl and ebay. It allows you to search for bargain offers and facilitates the purchase of any item or service at an attractive price.
    Mar 04 2020 2.25 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other
  • TouchCopy is a program designed to manage the content of devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad in all available versions based on the firmware 1.1.X, 2.X, 3.X, iOS4, iOS5 or iOS6.
    Mar 02 2020 47.84 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Mobile
  • Zotero is a free bibliography management tool. It allows you to catalog materials and organize them into libraries, as well as to quote selected documents in a text editor. Zotero is an excellent solution for researchers who are looking for friendly software that helps in the preparation and writing of a scientific text.
    Feb 28 2020 40.74 MB Hobbies & Lifestyle > Other