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  • FreeOrion is a free turn based strategy game inspired by the Master of Orion. The goal of the game is to build the largest intergalactic empire to compete with other opponents. In FreeOrion, of course, you will not be able to colonize new planets, trade in raw materials, fight with other enemies, discover new ones and develop existing technologies that allow you to overtake other players in military and tactical terms. FreeOrion is a must-see for all players who have already been drawn into Ogame's long nights.
    Mar 27 2020 146.85 MB
  • OpenTTD is a free reincarnation of the iconic classic Transport Tycoon Deluxe - an economic strategy in which for many years we had to take care of the continuous development and profitability of the transport company we set up. OpenTTD preserves all prototype features, offering many improvements, such as multiplayer mode or support for over a dozen languages ​​and currencies. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that from version 1.0.0 to play we no longer need any files from the original, as was even the case in version 0.7.5.
    Feb 19 2020 5.15 MB
  • Frostpunk is a combination of real-time strategy and survival simulator. Recognized many times (both in industry reviews and opinions of players), the production was created by the Polish company 11bit studios known from this War of Mine and the Anomaly series.
    Apr 17 2019
    Commercial software
  • Stronghold HD is a refreshed version of one of the most popular real-time strategies in the history of electronic entertainment. Thanks to this edition, the cult Stronghold is available in High Definition.
    Mar 17 2019
    Commercial software
  • Business Tour is a digital board game that evokes associations with iconic Monopoly because of the appearance of the board itself and the rules of the game.
    Feb 20 2019
  • Europa Universalis IV is an extensive strategy game in which we can guide a chosen state, and then make it soon become a powerful empire. Paradox Interactive, a company specializing in productions belonging to the said genre, is responsible for the game.
    Feb 09 2019
    Commercial software
  • Heroes of Might & Magic III: Complete is a complete version of one of the most popular turn-based strategy games in the genre's history. The package contains Heroes of Might & Magic III along with the official additions: Armageddon's Blade and The Shadow of Death.
    Feb 05 2019
    Commercial software
  • Blood War: The Witcher Tales is a CD Projekt RED game, in other words the studio responsible for the Witcher series. The title combines elements known from adventure games, cRPGs and card games.
    Oct 31 2018
    Commercial software
  • Age of Empires: Castle Siege is not a full-fledged strategy, but a sideview of the cycle that offers a much less complicated course of play. The game is available for free, but includes embedded micropayments.
    Sep 11 2018
  • Freeciv is a constantly evolving strategy game based on Microprose's "Civilization II" principles. It was originally created for the Linux system. The rules of the game consist in expanding your own civilization, combating competition and preventing internal unrest. In order to win the game, you must eliminate other races or be the first to build and place the Alpha Centauri spacecraft in orbit. The game is possible with both several virtual players (controlled by a computer) and the network.
    Jul 26 2018 37.58 MB
  • Farm Manager 2018 is a strategy game created by Poles, in which we play as a farmer with the task of developing his farm. During the game, our goal will be to cultivate the land, breeding animals and make the most profitable sale of the goods produced in this way and technological development of our virtual farm.
    Jun 13 2018
    Commercial software
  • 0 AD is a great, free historical real-time strategy created by an international group of avid programmers-volunteers who are ruthless enthusiasts of this project.
    May 18 2018 694.71 MB
  • Battle for Wesnoth is a well-known turn-based strategy game in a fantasy atmosphere. The player's task is to expand the available areas as much as possible and to accumulate as many riches as possible while simultaneously developing and wisely commanding your army.
    May 02 2018 384.44 MB
  • Fans of strategy games are accustomed to collecting resources and then expanding the base, but have they ever played in a factory caretaker? The design with a lot of telling title Factorio on this is based on a detailed, quite complicated game. It will come here to design the entire production infrastructure over several large networks, and to defend against attacks by enemies. You can get really involved in it.
    Apr 01 2018 543.16 MB
  • FreeCol is a turn-based strategy fully based on the rules, principles and philosophy known and valued by fans of the genre, the famous production of Colonization. We start the game with one colonist, gradually raising, from 1492, the territory of the "new world". The goal of the player is not only to create a large and powerful nation, but also to provide him with favorable conditions for existence and development by pursuing appropriate social, economic, economic and military policies. The culmination of the game is the announcement of its independence while conducting victorious battles and successfully resisting the attacks of other hostile nations.
    Apr 01 2018 37.83 MB