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  • etrizle - a game that is a symbiosis of tetris and puzzle. The goal of the game is to collect a picture of the falling pieces-tetramino in the allotted time and not to exceed the error limit
    Jun 10 2011 42.79 MB
  • RgMGame is a simple puzzle game for attentiveness, the goal of which is to make all the cubes on the playing field correspond to the "winning figure"
    May 24 2011 283 KB
  • AlterJig is another puzzle from Ixis Ltd. As usual, you need to assemble a graphic image by moving the pieces of the image 4 blocks at a time. There are 23 puzzles built into the game, but there is an opportunity to add your own pictures, which the program turns into puzzles, and for
    Mar 16 2011 702 KB
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Lite - An exciting free puzzle game with a user-friendly interface, categorized puzzle collections and the ability to easily create your own puzzles from your favorite pictures and photos
    Feb 06 2011 1.7 MB
  • Joy Puzzle Game - a puzzle game for young children and adults. The player’s task is to assemble an image of several separate pieces.
    Dec 18 2010 462 KB
  • Digitarix is ​​a puzzle game with RPG elements that allows you to effectively kill time and rest after hard work. The game is vaguely reminiscent of the game “devyatochka”, which was popular in its time, but with fundamentally changed rules.
    Sep 04 2009 493 KB
  • Sudoku is a Japanese puzzle with numbers. Sudoku is sometimes called the magic square. Sudoku is actively publishing newspapers and magazines around the world, sudoku collections are published in large editions. Now you can play on your computer
    Apr 26 2009 807 KB