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  • Mortal Kombat 11 is a new version of the iconic fight known not only to console and computer lovers, but also to popular gaming machines in the 90s.
    Apr 24 2019
    Commercial software
  • Toribash is a very popular free fighting game, but in many respects significantly different from the typical representatives of the genre. In total, very close to her turn-based strategies, because the individual movements of the players during the fight are carried out alternately one by one. The game is possible alone, but the clashes with the computer fall quite pale in comparison with the quite developed network option.
    Mar 25 2018 118.75 MB
  • Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror is a must-see item not only for big lovers of the iconic cartoon, but also for TV series inspired by it, such as Family Guy or Futurama. We deal with the so-called chodzoną fights, in which the main roles play Homer, Bart or clown Krusty, but depending on the mode of play also Mr. Burns, one-eyed captain Leela or Peter Griffin with his family. Everyone is great animated.
    Mar 16 2016
  • As a company, Marvel neglected somewhat in the last years of the game, focusing on comics and movies, but what are the fans of superheroes. The free Marvel First Alliance 2 brawl is awesome. From scratch, all graphic materials have been prepared here, from the appearance of levels, to obviously very well-animated characters. The whole sound is also perfectly harmonized with great sound.
    Mar 16 2016 243.29 MB
  • Thanks to talented fans, the memory of the dusted game series is still alive. Art of Fighting, a brawl from decades ago, survived a spiritual heir in the form of the AOF project: Trouble in South Town, which allows you to miss the old times of play on the machines. In the preparation of this free title, the creators put in over four years of hard work. The final effect is really amazing.
    Mar 16 2016 852.59 MB
  • Long before the series such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter became permanently on the market, the computer people were already fighting. One of the undoubted hits of the Commodore 64 splendor and not only was Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior. There was no choice of colored characters. You played simply in one of two muscular barbarians. The Barbarian Returns project is a return to old times.
    Mar 10 2016 4.04 MB
  • The creators of the free Urban Lockdown project are huge fans of the classic scenes of Mortal Kombat, and they also play their own movies. This work is a companion game for a full size available even on YouTube, and at the same time just a good independent fight. Just as it used to be in the works of the now defunct Midway Games, we are dealing with digitized figures and objects.
    Mar 09 2016 76.69 MB
  • Independent game developers love to continue the threads from well-known productions from the past and the automatic Final Fight hit is no exception. In the fan version of Alpha, the old hit has returned in a free form, downloadable for anyone who just misses inserting tokens into the devil's machine. The project, by the way, refers to another series of Capcom, namely Street Fighter. You're also guiding characters from this game here.
    Mar 08 2016
  • Over the years, more and more newer cartoons have attracted children to TV sets, but older players certainly remember the original He-Man, a bandwagon to which the ancient sword gave power. Together with his friends, he opposed the evil skeleton of the skeleton. Independent developers also missed them and hence the idea of ​​a game from a slightly run-down fighting game. Free project you just have to check.
    Mar 08 2016 143.03 MB
  • The Golden Ax Myth project will surely awaken pleasant memories. This free game is an unofficial prologue to the events shown in the cult fantasy brawl from years ago. The title golden ax of unheard-of power is stolen by the mysterious evil and a group of daredevils sets off on the mission of its recovery. On the way to the final they will have to cut down many devastating creatures. The game draws a lot from the original.
    Feb 26 2016 67.28 MB
  • Devotees fighting straight out of vending machines will surely perfectly associate the SEGA Streets of Rage game series. It has gained considerable popularity a long time ago and to this day fans remember it. Of course, they had some comments on the original games, that's why they took on the remix of the brand, created from scratch pixel by pixel. Remake took over 8 years, but the end result is amazing. This is the quintessence of the genre, free for that.
    Feb 19 2016 218.93 MB
  • Lovers of free brawls of any type should pay attention to the free Bullets of a Revolver project. Contrary to appearances, this is not a shooter, but just a duel with many interesting characters from westerns. Their appearance has been specially redrawn, yielding a little bit of a cartoon, which has its own charm. At the same time, it is advanced production, if so-called combos are.
    Jan 25 2016 35.08 MB
  • Free CraftFighter project is a proposal for those players who simply have to check everything that is somehow related to the still extremely popular Minecraft. A group of independent programmers took characters appearing in this building blockbuster, drew them in 2D and set themselves in an emotional fight. They managed quite nicely and we got really good production.
    Jan 12 2016 46.91 MB
  • The free Karate Master game: Knock Down Blow is a stylish backflow in time to the International Karate battles era, when nobody thought about Mortal Kombat or the Street Fighter series. Computer workers spent hours spent practicing the skills of their virtual warrior in a kimono, and this ideological heir of a hit from years ago remains. He will come here to train to win in the next competition.
    Dec 29 2015 69.05 MB
  • Greek myths are a favorite reading of many a literature fan, but also a player. Those who just love to compete online will definitely like the Apotheon Arena free project. The work looks as if old wall engravings or clay pitchers were brought to life in order that in the eyes of the world former warriors would fight with each other to death and life. The binding really makes an impression, just like music.
    Dec 09 2015 563.00 MB