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  • ExtraMAME is a platform that allows you to run very old, but extremely popular games on modern computers. We find such hits as Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Space Invanders and thousands of other titles.
    Jan 09 2020 111.72 MB
  • Cemu is the first in the world console of the eighth generation console, specifically Nintendo Wii U. Requirements are big - at least efficient Core i5 and 6 GB RAM, graphics card Nvidia or AMD with support for OpenGL 4.0 (and if possible, OpenGL 4.5), 64- Windows bit (7, 8.1 or 10).
    Jan 03 2020 7.12 MB
  • MAME (short for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a program used to emulate thousands of different arcade games released in the period from the late seventies until now.
    Dec 25 2019 73.17 MB
  • WinUAE is one of the best emigators of the Amiga computer for Windows, allowing you to run various games, applications and applications without the need for the said old hardware.
    Dec 20 2019 8.31 MB
  • RetroArch is a treat for fans of computer games, especially those who would like to recall productions released many years ago.
    Dec 09 2019 185.54 MB
  • NO $ GBA is a free emulator that will allow you to run games from Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance on a Windows computer without having to have these portable consoles.
    Nov 28 2019 1.27 MB
  • Stella is an open-source Atari 2600 game console emulator available for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS system platforms. It is a real treat for younger as well as older users who would like to go back in time and run hits from 30 years ago on their computer.
    Oct 13 2019 2.25 MB
  • ZX Spectrum4.net is an emulator of the incredibly popular ZX Spectrum, thanks to which it can run games available exclusions on the mentioned home computer from 1982.
    Sep 24 2019 1.56 MB
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver is an advanced configuration tool that allows you to emulate RS232 serial ports connected via a virtual null-modem cable by means of a virtual controller. With this application you can create an unlimited number of virtual pairs of serial ports without having to have a single physical port. Such a virtual port is seen by the system and programs like any other. The controller can also be easily embedded in the software it creates, which allows you to manage virtual ports directly from your own application. Using the Virtual Serial Port Driver, the user can create two virtual COM5 and COM6 ports, to which two different applications can be connected.
    Jun 16 2019 5.50 MB
  • Windows 95 is a platform based on Electron technology that allows you to run the title environment on computers running Windows 7/8/10, Linux and Mac OS.
    May 24 2019 277.22 MB
  • RPCS3 is an open source emulator of the PlayStation 3 console. It has been developing since 2011, currently supports modern DirectX12 and Vulkan renderers, allowing you to run an increasing number of games for this machine - if we have a computer with at least Core i5 Sandy Bridge (or equivalent to AMD) - it would be important to support SSE3 extensions, 4 GB RAM and a GeForce 400 or Radeon HD5000 graphics card.
    Feb 04 2019 16.18 MB
  • VICE (short for VersatIle Commodore Emulator) is an emulator of eight-bit computers manufactured by Commodore, which can be run from Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. It can emulate such models of the mentioned computers as C64, C64DTV, C128, VIC20, Plus / 4 or CBM-II.
    Nov 05 2018 13.39 MB
  • Mesen is an NES console emulator (Nintendo Entertainment System), which also allows you to play files in NSF format on Windows and Linux operating systems.
    Sep 23 2018 8.21 MB
  • Flashpoint Infinity is an environment that allows you to run games created in Flash, downloaded from Archive.org. The package includes a runtime environment for outgoing technology and a mechanism for downloading games.
    Aug 28 2018 1 411.86 M
  • Virtual GPS is a GPS (Global Positioning System) simulator that can be used to simulate a GPS navigation receiver connected to a computer.
    Jul 13 2018 1.11 MB