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  • Oiynsoft Cheats for X-Box Games - a collection of cheat codes for gaming consoles X-Box and X-Box 360
    Jul 29 2014 1.08 MB
  • Ultra Core Protector (UCP) - free anti-cheat client-server program to protect the server from unscrupulous players
    Apr 03 2014 1.97 MB
  • CheMax FC - a database with cheat codes for console versions of games (for game consoles). It presents cheat codes for all known consoles starting with 8 bit Nintendo and ending with the newest - Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft X-Box 360
    Apr 14 2013 5.4 MB
  • CheatsNote is a free program, which is a database of game codes, walkthroughs and tips (currently contains over 4,600 games). For user convenience, all codes are divided into five categories.
    Jan 16 2013 3.03 MB
  • Cheats XXI - The program is a reference code for the games for any consoles. Now in the base of the program there are more than 5000 codes for various games from the most modern to the old hits.
    May 08 2012 4.73 MB