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  • An extremely addictive arcade game for all fans of fast and crazy driving.
    Jun 02 2020 16.25 MB
  • SuperTux is a nice Super Mario arcade game. The protagonist of SuperTux is a penguin who needs to collect coins and bonuses from level to level and fight enemies that make this task very difficult.
    Jan 02 2020 149.47 MB
  • Zuma - in front of you is an exciting hybrid of Mayan-style shooters that require both instantaneous response and precisely directed movements, as well as quick-wittedness, logic, and ability to monitor the situation on the entire playing field.
    Mar 10 2019 2.04 MB
  • Although the game of bouncing the balls to destroy the bricks visible on the screen is referred to as Arkanoid clones, they really come from an older project, which in its name resembles the free LBreakout 2 game. Nothing matters, however, when it counts joy from the game. The title is an excellent proposition for all those who like to kill their free time in front of the PC.
    Apr 01 2018 3.17 MB
  • StepMania is the most popular free dance game in the world that follows the footsteps of commercial console games cooperating with mats and vending machines. The game is based on rhythmical tapping of directions when the arrows reach from the bottom to the line at the top of the screen. The game is possible alone or with someone, although naturally in the latter case everything takes on much larger blushes.
    Apr 01 2018
  • Visual Pinball is another extremely popular platform for computer fans of tables with a shiny ball reflected by characteristic feet. The free program, which is primarily an editor of new pinballs, has for many years lived to see many fan set add-ons, very often reproducing actually existing machines. As a result, it offers a lot of fun on beautifully mapped machines.
    Mar 25 2018 43.42 MB
  • Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks is an interesting and small, and at the same time free game of skill, which grew out of the idea of ​​Tetris. It consists of a simplified idea of ​​combining at least three of the same elements to get rid of them from the well. The main difference is that we have very limited room for maneuver, so you have to think harder when moving the blocks. Joyful graphics make fun.
    Mar 24 2018
  • 1982 is a free 2D arcade shooter reminiscent of style and all his gameplay for hits like Space Invaders from the eighties. It would seem that in the subject of total extermination of strangers, which happens on a small, static board, there is nothing left to discover or show and that we already know everything, that we have seen everything ... well, in fact, the creators of 1982 however, they decided to move something, wanted to prove that their title has a soul.
    Jul 08 2017 11.80 MB
  • Sushido is a free, platform 2D arcade game, where you will count primarily skill and less logical thinking. You play the role of a small samurai, whose adventures were shown in a very nice, comic style. Wandering through the world full of ambushes, traps and enemies, we try to keep as long as possible while happily avoiding all obstacles. We encounter thorny barbed wire, spiked wheels, fireballs, moving platforms and much more. All this to effectively hamper the protagonist's further path.
    Jun 03 2017 56.47 MB
  • Worm.is: The Game is a very addictive variation on the iconic serpent, which, having spent countless remixes and mutations over the years, still manages to gather large numbers of fans in front of the screens.
    May 15 2017 98.30 MB
  • ChargeRider is a free, platform arcade game in a sympathetic audiovisual setting, where the emphasis is definitely on dexterity, and less on logical thinking. The unchanging plot of saving the world from strangers, with which we are also dealing here, is not able to get bored or disappear. What's more, with the passage of time it is quite good and may feel safe.
    Feb 25 2017 17.19 MB
  • Pogo Pug is a platform arcade game telling the story of a pug wanting to try his hand at moving on the pogo stick. The main emphasis here was on dexterity, pushing the colledges, lifts or other teleporters to the background.
    Feb 11 2017 55.23 MB
  • Sploot is a nice and simple in the rules arcade game, which takes place in a charming and peaceful seaside town. The past idyll and order prevailing there, however, are disturbed by the actions of an unruly bird ;-).
    Feb 09 2017 23.93 MB
  • Gravitus Minus is a special proposition for players who have a fondness for production from three decades ago and who like to come back to retro atmosphere. The title draws from handfuls of old gravity shooters such as Thrust, Solar Jetman and Gravitar. Showing the action in old, good, classic 2D, as well as deliberate, economical color palette in Gravitus Minus is a real treat for lovers of old productions.
    Sep 17 2016 1.49 MB
  • You Have to Win the Game is an exploratory platformer in the old style. The game is difficult but not impossible to pass. By default, you can try to take effect, but you can also check how far you can go with only one life in "YOLO" mode.
    Sep 03 2016 3.21 MB