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  • English Trainer is an examiner for professional translators. For those who think they know English. Offers tasks of professional complexity to translate phrases. Provides a rating. The version number of the program corresponds to the number available in
    Jan 09 2019 378.21 MB
  • SunRav TestOfficePro Includes tMaker - a program for creating tests; tTester - a program for testing; SunRav TestOfficePro - software package for creating, conducting various tests and processing test results
    Dec 23 2017 15.05 MB
  • iSpring QuizMaker is a functional and at the same time easy to use program for creating tests. The finished test is a single Flash file, ready for publication in the DLS
    Apr 24 2017 76.84 MB
  • Crossword Creator - entertaining application that will help to spend time by composing and completing crosswords on the monitor screen
    Feb 04 2017 2.39 MB
  • VeralTest Professional - a convenient software package that allows you to quickly and easily test students or certification of employees
    Nov 09 2016 11.44 MB
  • VeralTest Express is a powerful, handy test builder. It is used for computer testing in educational institutions, training centers and certification, in companies to test knowledge
    Nov 09 2016 5.56 MB
  • FSS Plagiator - an application to enhance the originality of the text without changing it visually
    Nov 01 2016 591 KB
  • BrainTransfer is a fairly convenient program for testing knowledge in the form of a quiz
    Feb 03 2016 1.02 MB
  • Testdel is a program for testing students according to the completed school material, which is perfect for testing knowledge and preparing for entrance exams.
    Dec 26 2015 6.93 MB