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  • GeoGebra is a graphing calculator for functions, geometry and statistics. Geometry, algebra, table construction, statistical and arithmetic operations are combined here. It is possible to use equations, plotting graphs in 2D and 3D modes, etc.
    Dec 09 2020 64.92 MB
  • Octave is a free, open environment for performing advanced numerical calculations. The program allows, among others to perform operations on real numbers, complex numbers, vectors, matrices, it also supports ranges, arrays, loops, functions and equations.
    Nov 30 2020 238.40 MB
  • French scientific program for numerical calculations, which is a functionally limited but completely free alternative to MATLAB.
    Feb 26 2020 183.96 MB
  • Maxima is a free computer algebra system for working with symbolic and numerical expressions, which includes tools for differentiation, integration, expansion in a series, Laplace transform
    Jan 28 2020 127.35 MB
  • CaR (Compasses and Ruler) is a sensational program supporting the learning of Euclidean and analytical geometry as well as solving structural problems, useful especially for teachers.
    Oct 26 2019 7.02 MB
  • 2 + 2 mathematics for children is a program that will allow you to easily and quickly master the basic principles of the queen of sciences.
    Apr 16 2019 14.00 MB
  • MathType is a great application for working with formulas, mathematical expressions and symbols in text documents. Supports work with Microsoft Office, MATLAB, Gmail, Google Docs, OpenOffice, etc. There is a built-in equation editor.
    Mar 19 2019 40.59 MB
  • A handy application that allows you to perform calculations using specified formulas with indication of the source data. There is the possibility of forming a tree of the sequence of calculating formulas, as well as creating reports on the calculations performed.
    Dec 17 2018 32.32 MB
  • SMath Studio is a free program for calculating mathematical expressions and constructing complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs. Supports work with matrices, vectors, complex numbers, fractions and large numbers.
    Sep 23 2018 2.21 MB
  • Wolfram Mathematica Player is a free development platform for applications and interactive presentations created in various versions of the Wolfram Mathematica program. Mathematica Player is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    Mar 29 2018
  • A useful application for both students and teachers, with which you can solve a wide range of diverse tasks in mathematics. Simply enter your task and the program will immediately provide a step by step solution with voice comments.
    Mar 12 2018 12.95 MB
  • Mathematica is over 20 years of work on creating the world's best specialized mathematical environment. The versatility of this program makes it useful in the performance of both simple college bills as well as complex bills on a larger scale, during programming and during the presentation of numerical data. Mathematica will find its place on the student computer and the Nobel Prize winner.
    Mar 10 2018
  • MathMagic Personal Edition is a multifunctional editor for performing various calculations in the fields of mathematics, physics and electronics.
    Mar 07 2018 18.10 MB
  • CalculationLaboratory is a mathematical scripting application that uses its own programming language.
    Mar 07 2018 4.81 MB
  • Omega is a program designed mainly for those teachers who would like to use the computer in mathematics lessons.
    May 21 2017 1.99 MB