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  • Dictionary .NET is a small, handy translator using Google Dictionary, Google Translate, Suggest and Wikipedia services. 66 languages ​​supported
    Feb 12 2020 0.51 MB
  • Praat is a free program for experienced users, which is used to analyze speech of selected sound recordings and to improve phonetics.
    Jan 27 2020 10.49 MB
  • Google Translate Desktop is a translating application that allows you to use Google Translator without having to launch a web browser.
    Apr 28 2019 1.10 MB
  • Transee is a modern and polished translator, based on the popular Google Translation service.
    Nov 05 2018 35.03 MB
  • Free German-Polish dictionary. Currently, it contains a base of over 41 thousand. words (each verb is changed in the third person in the time Präsens, Präteritum and Perfekt.) and additional databases of grammatical names of geographical names, IT terms, profanity and passwords phonetically similar to equivalents in Polish or English, grammar tables, Polish index - German and the option of creating your own word database. In addition, you can use an interactive quiz to check the knowledge of articles.
    Jun 27 2018 4.89 MB
  • Click Translator is a small application for translating single words, whole sentences or paragraphs. The tool supports as many as 53 languages ​​from around the world, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish.
    Jun 05 2018 0.64 MB
  • Vocabulary .NET is a tool for people who would like to learn words in the language of their choice.
    May 16 2018 1.32 MB
  • SNoRCZ English is an interesting application supporting learning English on levels from A1 to C2, which was made available for the Modern interface (Windows 8 and 10).
    Jun 21 2017
  • Easy Rider is an English-Polish dictionary (20,000 slogans) and Polish-English (19,000), as well as German-Polish (22 thousand) and Polish-German (10,000) with additional work modes to help read texts and their texts. manual translation.
    May 29 2017 1.87 MB
  • Duolingo is a popular service that helps foreign language learning. It offers free access to a large number of courses and tests, the level of which adapts to our skills.
    Jul 27 2016
  • Irregular Verbs is a useful program for those who study English. Helps remember irregular verbs and more
    Dec 09 2014 9.06 MB
  • WordPlay is a small program for learning English. The main feature is that it turns any interesting or useful English text into a training simulator, helping to adapt to any situation and environment.
    Oct 28 2014 282.71 MB
  • Kurso de Esperanto is a multimedia program for self-learning Esperanto. This one-of-a-kind language, and also a way of verbal communication between multinational nations is a kind of "shortcut" in mutual communication. It is true that this language has gone virtually to nothing, but its supporters treating it even as a curiosity or hobby, to this day there is no shortage all over the world.
    Sep 22 2014 19.36 MB
  • Lingoes is a free application combining the functionality of a dictionary and an extensive translator of over 80 languages ​​- including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic.
    Aug 18 2014 13.53 MB
  • Lingual Media Player (abbreviated as LaMP) is a free program for learning foreign languages ​​by watching movies with subtitles, both full-length and made available via YouTube.
    Jun 11 2014 1.80 MB