• Chemistry

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  • Client of the Folding @ home project, a distributed initiative launched at Stanford University to simulate and study protein folding. The program uses the unused computing power of the running computer to perform calculations in the idle state. The results of the calculations can help in the development of drugs for incurable diseases.
    Nov 17 2020 29.68 MB
  • Chemistry is a convenient addition to LibreOffice, which allows you to place illustrations with schemas of chemical molecules in documents.
    Sep 20 2016
  • Chemix .NET (formerly Chemix) is an application that provides all the tools needed to learn chemistry at various levels (in primary school, middle school, high school). We will find here a compendium of knowledge and modules for performing calculations when solving tasks or working in a laboratory.
    Aug 24 2015 12.33 MB
  • ChemSketch is a free (non-commercial) alternative to the ChemOffice package. It allows, among other things, to create two- and three-dimensional patterns, it is also equipped with very rich bases of patterns and functional groups.
    Nov 08 2013
  • ChemOffice Ultra is a powerful chemical package that combines many applications creating a fully versatile set, both supporting research, education as well as enabling visualization and presentations.
    Sep 12 2011 693.85 MB