• Spelling is a very small and simple program to support spelling learning, dedicated to students of the initial classes of primary schools. It allows you to capture the spelling of about 1000 words, most often causing problems and containing letters 'u' or 'ó', 'h' or 'ch' and 'ż' i 'rz'.
    Jun 20 2011 0.50 MB Education & Science > Languages
  • Celestia - explore the depths of space in three dimensions, while not getting up from your favorite and cozy home chair. You can easily travel throughout the solar system, move to any of over 120,000 stars, or even fly beyond the galaxy.
    Jun 09 2011 32.77 MB Education & Science > Astronomy
  • Matrix Calculator Pro is a small application useful when learning matrices, which are an important topic of linear algebra. The program turns out to be extremely useful when performing both simple and more complex actions on square matrices. His tasks include determining the sum, difference, product and quotient of two matrices, minimal / maximal elements, as well as transposed, inverse matrices, padding, determinants, orders, etc. The program is very simple and is limited to giving individual elements of the matrix. The results of the work can be saved in the form of a txt and rtf file.
    Mar 29 2011 0.63 MB Education & Science > Maths
  • Microsoft Mathematics is an advanced tool supporting the learning of mathematics, designed mainly for high school students and students. It allows you to calculate complicated operations as well as draw graphs of 2D and 3D functions.
    Feb 28 2011 18.89 MB Education & Science > Maths
  • The dictionary of synonyms is a simple, but very useful application during the editing of various types of texts, created by Kamil Mierzejewski.
    Oct 20 2010 0.89 MB Education & Science > Languages