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  • Grub2Win is a very popular and free tool that performs the functions of a boot manager. Thanks to it, we can easily install more than one operating system on the hard disk - in such a way that after starting the computer we will be able to choose which environment will be loaded.
    Feb 21 2020 3.01 MB
  • O & O SafeErase is an application designed for advanced and permanent removal of files from hard drives, thanks to which we can completely clean data media from sensitive information, such as stored passwords in browsers, confidential documents or private photos.
    Feb 18 2020 2.54 MB
  • TreeSize Professional is a tool designed mainly for system administrators and more advanced users who can use it to get quick and detailed reports on the use of the hard disk. Thanks to the application, you can easily check how much space each file and folder takes, find out which directory is the largest on a given disk or partition, make statistics on the used and free disk space, but not only.
    Feb 16 2020 20.83 MB
  • CheckDrive is a free hard disc diagnostic program.
    Feb 12 2020 7.74 MB
  • WD SSD Dashboard is a free tool that was created to optimize and diagnose SSDs produced by Western Digital.
    Feb 11 2020 3.60 MB
  • Disk Sorter is an advanced tool by which we classify the contents of specific folders, entire hard drives or network resources. Classification can take place on the basis of many aspects, in addition, we can view graphs showing the information collected by the program.
    Feb 11 2020 6.52 MB
  • Soft4Boost Device Uploader - a simple application for quick and easy downloading of media content to various mobile devices
    Feb 11 2020 28.32 MB
  • Cleanmgr + is a small and very easy-to-use tool designed to clean your hard drive from unnecessary files. It is based on a system disk cleaning mechanism and gives the user access to additional functions.
    Feb 10 2020 0.17 MB
  • Kingston SSD Manager is an application for managing SSDs produced by Kingston.
    Feb 09 2020 58.08 MB
  • EF Duplicate MP3 Finder is a program to search for duplicate audio files. More precisely: the same music files, so we can find unnecessary "clones" and delete them, thus regaining the same free space on the disk.
    Feb 07 2020 1.40 MB
  • PowerGREP is a tool used to search for files saved on your computer's hard drive or on the network. It is definitely easier to use than most other such applications for Windows.
    Feb 07 2020 22.32 MB
  • EF CheckSum Manager - a program that is designed to verify the integrity of files in the formats SFV, MD5 and SHA1, determine the checksum or create a new one for individual files and entire folders
    Feb 07 2020 1.03 MB
  • EF Multi File Renamer is an application used to massively rename files and folders, which can significantly speed up the process, which could otherwise take a lot of time.
    Feb 06 2020 1.36 MB
  • Disk Pulse is an advanced tool for monitoring changes in files and folders, and even entire hard drives. Those who are particularly interested in this program should be administrators and people sharing computer access with other users.
    Jan 28 2020 6.56 MB
  • BootIt Bare Metal is a powerful tool, used primarily to manage partitions, install and run multiple operating systems, create backups, and restore partitions or entire hard drives.
    Jan 26 2020 5.25 MB