• File managers

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  • Ultimate File Manager (UFM) is an advanced file manager distributed with carefully selected and configured free applications.
    Apr 01 2021 68.92 MB
  • EF Commander - file manager that works in multi-tasking mode, support for drag and drop, work with all common archives. There is an internal viewer of such a number of extensions.
    Apr 01 2021
  • Q-Dir is a file manager with an original four-pane interface and extensive file handling capabilities. Works with any removable device
    Apr 01 2021 1.07 MB
  • Tablacus Explorer is a small file manager for Windows that offers support for extensions. It includes a highly customizable user interface, as well as a useful card mechanism that allows you to conveniently view the contents of many folders from the same window.
    Mar 29 2021 0.59 MB
  • WinNc is a multifunctional file manager that uses the same keyboard and mouse functions as the well-known DOS file manager Norton Commander
    Mar 26 2021 9.71 MB
  • XYplorerFree is a slightly cut, but completely free (also for commercial use) edition of the popular file manager, which is a great alternative for Windows Explorer.
    Mar 25 2021 3.46 MB
  • XYplorer is an advanced file manager that looks like standard Windows Explorer, but has many additional features and tools for convenient file handling.
    Mar 25 2021 4.38 MB
  • xplorer2 is the latest version of a very good file manager, considered by many users to be one of the best in the world.
    Mar 16 2021 2.74 MB
  • AB Commander is a two-panel file manager with similar capabilities as the popular Total Commander, which is a remarkable alternative to Windows Explorer. Apart from standard file management functions, the program also includes a graphics browser, options for data sharing and synchronization, slide show presentation and a built-in text editor.
    Mar 03 2021 3.82 MB
  • Multi Commander is a powerful multi-window file manager, an excellent alternative to standard Windows Explorer.
    Mar 01 2021 7.84 MB
  • FileVoyager is an excellent multifunctional file manager that makes working with any information on a computer more convenient, productive and comfortable.
    Jan 04 2021 31.20 MB
  • Directory Opus is a fairly powerful and easy-to-use file manager providing all basic file operations.
    Dec 16 2020 37.21 MB
  • Unreal Commander is a free and powerful two-pane file manager. May be a good alternative to the well-known Total Commander
    Dec 14 2020 22.11 MB
  • FAR Manager - File Manager for Windows. It supports long names, it works correctly with Russian letters (there is also a WIN-KOI-ISO transcoder). Built-in FTP client, setting up panels to your liking, as well as plug-in support
    Nov 17 2020 9.99 MB
  • UltraCopier - a tool designed to quickly copy and move large amounts of data, such as video files, on multiple disks or on a local network
    Sep 22 2020 15.05 MB