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  • Unreal Commander is a free and powerful two-pane file manager. May be a good alternative to the well-known Total Commander
    Apr 04 2020 22.04 MB
  • Total Commander is a powerful and stable file manager for Windows. Total Commander continues the good tradition of two-pane file managers, but is notable for increased convenience and functionality, supports plugins.
    Mar 26 2020 5.21 MB
  • XYplorer is an advanced file manager that looks like standard Windows Explorer, but has many additional features and tools for convenient file handling.
    Mar 03 2020 4.38 MB
  • EF Commander - file manager that works in multi-tasking mode, support for drag and drop, work with all common archives. There is an internal viewer of such a number of extensions.
    Mar 02 2020
  • Tablacus Explorer is a small file manager for Windows that offers support for extensions. It includes a highly customizable user interface, as well as a useful card mechanism that allows you to conveniently view the contents of many folders from the same window.
    Feb 29 2020 0.57 MB
  • UltraCopier - a tool designed to quickly copy and move large amounts of data, such as video files, on multiple disks or on a local network
    Feb 24 2020 14.88 MB
  • Fman is a two-panel file manager for advanced users. To use it, you need to know the keyboard shortcuts from the list. Most are the same as in Total Commander.
    Feb 19 2020 1.01 MB
  • DiskInternals Linux Reader is a program that allows you to read the contents of disks working in Linux-type file systems (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 or ReiserFS). It also manages Mac's file systems: HFS and HFS +. It is a convenient solution for people using both Unix and Windows systems, who want to be able to read data from disks connected to a PC.
    Feb 11 2020 38.71 MB
  • FAR Manager - File Manager for Windows. It supports long names, it works correctly with Russian letters (there is also a WIN-KOI-ISO transcoder). Built-in FTP client, setting up panels to your liking, as well as plug-in support
    Feb 09 2020 9.74 MB
  • Multi Commander is a powerful multi-window file manager, an excellent alternative to standard Windows Explorer.
    Jan 28 2020 7.84 MB
  • Q-Dir is a file manager with an original four-pane interface and extensive file handling capabilities. Works with any removable device
    Jan 27 2020 1.06 MB
  • AB Commander is a two-panel file manager with similar capabilities as the popular Total Commander, which is a remarkable alternative to Windows Explorer. Apart from standard file management functions, the program also includes a graphics browser, options for data sharing and synchronization, slide show presentation and a built-in text editor.
    Jan 22 2020 3.79 MB
  • Polish and as the name suggests, a free file manager. It is based on the standard interface philosophy, i.e. two panels initiated in Norton Commander.
    Jan 19 2020 9.13 MB
  • FileVoyager is an excellent multifunctional file manager that makes working with any information on a computer more convenient, productive and comfortable.
    Jan 19 2020 31.20 MB
  • One Commander is an advanced file manager that allows you to view data in two separate panels and columns. One Commander user interface, referred to by the authors as modern, in fact it is - minimalist and transparent. Just a few minutes of working with the program, to notice that the creators designed it so that the user had quick access to the files. They presented the layout of folders and files in the form of a tree, which turns out to be the ideal solution in this case. One Commander contains a very large number of keyboard shortcuts, which are described in detail on the official website of the producer. In the case of regular use of the tool, it is worth knowing them to reduce the time needed to perform subsequent operations (eg copying, moving, renaming and deleting files). The built-in search engine also makes it easy to locate documents, photos, graphics or any other data. Interestingly, the beta version of the One Commander program was funded by users through a fundraiser carried out on the Kickstarter site. The creators needed 7,500, and they managed to obtain nearly 12 thousand dollars.
    Jan 07 2020