• Disk Cleanup

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  • Blank And Secure is a small free utility that allows you to permanently delete information from PC hard drives. To delete, drag the selected file into the application window and click the "Delete" button
    Oct 14 2019 0.14 MB
  • Glary Disk Cleaner is one of the easiest solutions to clean your PC of various junk files that remain after browsers work, improper removal of applications and Windows system updates.
    Oct 14 2019 6.53 MB
  • HDCleaner is a utility with which you can quickly clean up your hard disk from unnecessary files, clean the registry.
    Oct 14 2019 7.30 MB
  • Wipe is a free utility that allows you to remove all traces of being on the Internet, namely cleaning the history of browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome), cache, deleting index.dat files, cookies, logs, temporary files and much more
    Oct 13 2019 0.53 MB
  • PrivaZer is a free program that is designed to clean your PC of accumulated system garbage. The application allows you to remove traces of Internet activity, remnants of previously removed software, unused shortcuts
    Oct 11 2019 7.15 MB
  • WinTools.net - Toolkit designed to improve the performance of the MS Windows operating system and maintain performance at a high level throughout the operational period
    Oct 06 2019 2.06 MB
  • CCleaner is a popular application for optimizing PCs, cleaning the registry and removing various garbage from the system. Frees up space on hard drives, making your computer work much faster and more stable
    Oct 03 2019 24.26 MB
  • Wise Disk Cleaner is a tool for complete cleaning of hard drives from accumulated system debris. There is an opportunity to delete unnecessary files in automatic mode, defragment the hard disk, the definition of 50 types of junk files
    Sep 27 2019 3.99 MB
  • PhoneClean is a handy utility for cleaning the memory of various unnecessary files and unnecessary data on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Helps to clear the cache, call history and messages, delete temporary files, cookies
    Sep 20 2019 0.87 MB
  • Clean Space is a free program with which you can safely clean your computer from debris, protect privacy when surfing the Internet and optimize system performance
    Sep 03 2019 14.22 MB
  • KCleaner is a powerful tool for efficiently cleaning hard drives from unnecessary and unused files and data.
    Aug 30 2019 2.35 MB
  • Alternate File Shredder is a simple file shredder, after which even specialized software cannot restore them
    Aug 19 2019 1.04 MB
  • Glary Duplicate Cleaner is a very effective utility to find duplicate copies of duplicate files on your computer.
    Aug 05 2019 6.01 MB
  • Eraser is a free utility with which you can completely remove files and folders from your hard drive. Deletion is performed by overwriting the pre-selected algorithm. Can delete encrypted files, temporary files, empty recycle bin.
    Jul 02 2019 56.10 MB
  • WashAndGo is designed to clean up the hard disk from the accumulated rubbish on it - unnecessary, temporary or empty files, defective shortcuts, browser cache, invalid registry keys in the "Remove Programs" section, etc.
    Jun 20 2019 26.24 MB