• Data recovery

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  • iMyfone D-Back is a data recovery program found on Apple mobile devices, such as: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The tool is fully compatible with iOS 9.2, iTunes 12.3, as well as iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.
    Nov 30 2020 0.80 MB
  • StrongRecovery is a Polish tool designed for data recovery. High efficiency and simple operation make the program often used for both simple and more complex operations, aimed at restoring data lost in various circumstances.
    Nov 29 2020 4.42 MB
  • Syncovery is a program that is used to backup files. Against the background of many other similar tools, it stands out because it also allows you to synchronize data between several devices in real time.
    Nov 27 2020 39.09 MB
  • Active @ Disk Image Lite is a free edition of an interesting tool used to manage backups of data stored on hard disks of computers, laptops, netbooks, etc.
    Nov 25 2020 30.20 MB
  • O & O DiskImage is an advanced tool designed to make copies of hard disk content, i.e. so-called disk images. With its help, we will create a perfect copy of the entire disk or just a specific partition, thus protecting against the loss of important data, documents, photos, etc.
    Nov 23 2020 50.71 MB
  • DiskDigger is a handy utility that does not require installation, with which you can restore accidentally deleted photos, videos, music, documents and other files from any media.
    Nov 23 2020
  • Recovery Explorer Standard is an easy-to-use file recovery tool.
    Nov 13 2020 15.58 MB
  • UFS Explorer Professional Recovery - a set of professional data recovery tools that support a large number of file systems, operating systems, and various types of drives: from simplest to complex composite storage
    Nov 13 2020 8.77 MB
  • Clonezilla is a freeware equivalent to the popular Norton Ghost and allows you to backup selected partitions and disks.
    Nov 13 2020
  • iDrive is a service that allows you to store data on a virtual server. Thanks to this, the user can not only back up important files, but also get access to them regardless of the computer.
    Nov 10 2020
  • Active @ File Recovery is a popular tool for recovering lost files. With its help we will restore access to data from formatted partitions, files deleted by viruses or user's inattention.
    Nov 02 2020 31.87 MB
  • R-Studio is a powerful application that allows you to recover damaged or deleted information from any media, such as hard drives, memory cards, CD / DVDs, flash drives, etc. Supports almost all file systems, can work on a network
    Oct 28 2020 59.93 MB
  • Auslogics File Recovery is an effective and easy-to-use program for recovering accidentally deleted files, as well as files lost due to viruses or system crashes.
    Oct 20 2020 14.44 MB
  • Macrium Reflect Free is a popular tool for archiving data.
    Oct 17 2020 5.03 MB
  • Wise Data Recovery is a free utility that allows you to quickly and safely find and recover deleted files, be it images, documents, audio, video, archives or email
    Oct 01 2020 2.05 MB