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  • DSynchronize is one of the easiest portable tools for synchronizing folders and files on a PC, flash drive, network drive or FTP server.
    Jan 15 2020 1.98 MB
  • Seafile is a tool that allows you to share and synchronize files between multiple devices.
    Jan 14 2020 56.68 MB
  • PureSync is a free program for data synchronization and backup
    Jan 13 2020 10.46 MB
  • Dropbox is a free and easy-to-use client for working with a cloud storage service. The application allows the user to share files, synchronize data, access old versions of files, view download history
    Jan 08 2020 111.49 MB
  • Syncthing is an interesting tool for synchronizing folders between various computers.
    Jan 07 2020 8.53 MB
  • Echosync allows you to synchronize data contained in user folders, which in turn offers the possibility to backup selected files and directories.
    Dec 23 2019 13.97 MB
  • Synchredible - a program to automatically synchronize files and folders. Synchronizes on schedule, supports network and external drives
    Dec 22 2019 6.51 MB
  • TeamDrive is a globally popular, multiplatform and easy-to-use tool that allows you to synchronize data between multiple computers. It can be successfully used to automate the transfer of files between workstations in the network, as well as project management and cooperation of programmers.
    Dec 04 2019 82.93 MB
  • Zback - a program for synchronizing and backing up files and folders on a computer, including on removable media
    Nov 28 2019 0.70 MB
  • FreeFileSync is a free utility for comparing and synchronizing files in directories. Differs in speed and convenient clear interface.
    Nov 20 2019 14.23 MB
  • Folder Size - a program for analyzing computer hard drives, which displays the size of all files and folders on them
    Nov 03 2019 3.43 MB
  • iDevice Manager is a multifunctional file sharing application for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and personal computers.
    Oct 03 2019 19.59 MB
  • SyncFolders is a completely free and very useful application for synchronizing two folders, including subfolders in them. Ideally suited for backing up important data, among other things.
    Sep 12 2019 1.27 MB
  • WinMerge - is an Open Source comparison and merging tool for Windows. It can compare both files and folders, displaying differences in a visual text form that is easy to understand and process.
    Jul 28 2019 6.86 MB
  • DiskPulse is a file utility for real-time monitoring of all changes on hard drives or in certain folders.
    Mar 18 2019 6.05 MB