• Driver Booster is a useful and free tool that allows you to manage drivers for devices in Windows, ensuring that the most up-to-date software that controls the work of various components is always installed on your computer.
    Jun 01 2020 24.63 MB Disks & Files > Hdd utilities
  • Q-Dir is a file manager with an original four-pane interface and extensive file handling capabilities. Works with any removable device
    Jun 01 2020 1.07 MB Disks & Files > File managers
  • IObit Smart Defrag is one of the best free tools designed to defragment system partitions.
    May 29 2020 15.32 MB Disks & Files > Defragmenter
  • StrongRecovery is a Polish tool designed for data recovery. High efficiency and simple operation make the program often used for both simple and more complex operations, aimed at restoring data lost in various circumstances.
    May 29 2020 4.42 MB Disks & Files > Data recovery
  • Dropbox is a free and easy-to-use client for working with a cloud storage service. The application allows the user to share files, synchronize data, access old versions of files, view download history
    May 29 2020 120.15 MB Disks & Files > Compare / Sync
  • Cleanmgr + is a small and very easy-to-use tool designed to clean your hard drive from unnecessary files. It is based on a system disk cleaning mechanism and gives the user access to additional functions.
    May 28 2020 0.17 MB Disks & Files > Other
  • BootIt Bare Metal is a powerful tool, used primarily to manage partitions, install and run multiple operating systems, create backups, and restore partitions or entire hard drives.
    May 28 2020 5.32 MB Disks & Files > Other
  • CCleaner is a popular application for optimizing PCs, cleaning the registry and removing various garbage from the system. Frees up space on hard drives, making your computer work much faster and more stable
    May 28 2020 24.66 MB Disks & Files > Disk Cleanup
  • XYplorer is an advanced file manager that looks like standard Windows Explorer, but has many additional features and tools for convenient file handling.
    May 28 2020 4.38 MB Disks & Files > File managers
  • HDCleaner is a utility with which you can quickly clean up your hard disk from unnecessary files, clean the registry.
    May 27 2020 7.75 MB Disks & Files > Disk Cleanup
  • GoodSync is a simple and reliable program for backing up and synchronizing files. Allows you to automatically synchronize email, contacts, photos, music and other important files between desktops and laptops
    May 25 2020 Disks & Files > Backup
  • WinNc is a multifunctional file manager that uses the same keyboard and mouse functions as the well-known DOS file manager Norton Commander
    May 25 2020 9.71 MB Disks & Files > File managers
  • PrivaZer is a free program that is designed to clean your PC of accumulated system garbage. The application allows you to remove traces of Internet activity, remnants of previously removed software, unused shortcuts
    May 24 2020 7.15 MB Disks & Files > Disk Cleanup
  • Samsung Magician is an application designed for diagnostics and control of Samsung SSD drives. Thanks to it, the user can check the status of his disk, perform necessary optimizations, and use hardware data encryption. The application is not necessary for operation, but it allows you to increase the performance of the medium.
    May 22 2020 50.64 MB Disks & Files > Other
  • System Ninja is a free utility for quick and accurate removal of various file "garbage" from your hard drive. Able to detect unnecessary files and automatically delete them after preliminary identification, wherever they are
    May 21 2020 3.56 MB Disks & Files > Disk Cleanup