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  • MAGAZKA is one of the best programs for a retail store with a sufficiently rich functionality to fully account for goods and money.
    Dec 27 2018 11.04 MB
  • MyBusinessCatalog - Software package for creating an electronic catalog of goods or services for recording on CD / DVD and distribution among your customers and partners.
    Dec 13 2018 52.75 MB
  • The iTrader trading platform allows you to make transactions in the Forex and CFD (contracts for difference) market in real time. It was developed by the staff of Kalita-Finance together with
    Nov 11 2018 3.59 MB
  • Bisq (formerly Bitsquare) is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange - bitcoin, monero, litecoin and others - which only mediates exchanges between its users. All funds remain in portfolios controlled only by their owners, and safe deposits are implemented by multi-signature bitcoin addresses. Of course, it is also possible to use traditional currencies (dollars, euros or zlotys) in transactions, for example using bank transfers (but not only).
    Feb 05 2018 102.76 MB
  • E-Trade PriceList Importer is a convenient and efficient tool for processing, analyzing and comparing price lists of suppliers in automatic mode, in order to detect changes in the prices of goods, identify new products and expand commodity
    Oct 11 2017 71.78 MB
  • PowerTrader is a free program created mainly for the stock market players, but also for novice users interested in this subject.
    Sep 15 2017 29.61 MB
    Freeware / Adware
  • GBS.Market - an easy-to-install, customize and daily use program for automating trade in a store or cafe
    Nov 01 2016 51.14 MB
  • MaxProfit - journal and diary of transactions for accounting and analysis of trading on the Forex market
    Jun 18 2015 34.3 MB
  • vfxAlert - assistant for all traders of the Forex market, which gives signals-tips for binary options to increase / decrease the ratio of a currency pair
    Nov 24 2014 23.64 MB
  • Reseller is a specialized software for online trading. This application is designed to account for the full trading cycle - from the purchase of goods to the sale to the final buyer
    May 16 2014 16.55 MB
  • Commerce plus - an application designed to facilitate and automate accounting in the store. The program is easy to implement and does not require large expenses.
    Apr 23 2014 8.02 MB
  • Accounting of food is a useful program for kindergartens and other institutions that provide catering services for people, which implements all business processes that take place within the institution and have all the output forms
    Apr 09 2014 9.31 MB
  • Forex Tester is a professional program (simulator) designed to train traders and acquire the necessary skills for successful work in the Forex market.
    Feb 06 2014 12.28 MB
  • The MetaTrader information and trading system is designed for trading on the foreign exchange market, both directly at the working places of dealing centers operating in financial markets, and for remote clients trading via the Internet
    Sep 30 2013 468 KB
  • MoneyHunter is a tender search system. Allows you to find the right contests and auctions. Automatically monitors changes in tenders already found, notifying the user
    Mar 25 2013 459 KB