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  • WPS Spreadsheets is a free spreadsheet, characterized by rich functionality and low consumption of system resources. It was created by the Chinese on the example of an Excel 2003 application and is perfectly suited for simple and more complex calculations.
    Jun 25 2020
  • An extensive spreadsheet offering around 300 mathematical, financial, statistical, logical, text and time functions, etc.
    Dec 23 2018 3.09 MB
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 is the latest version of a known and popular spreadsheet that is part of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.
    Feb 27 2018
  • Calendar for Calc is an add-on to the LibreOffice and OpenOffice packages, which allows you to run a simple calendar in a spreadsheet and quickly insert the date into a spreadsheet cell.
    Sep 20 2016
  • Excel Mobile is a simplified version of the spreadsheet from Microsoft Office. This version is a universal application for users using tablets with Windows 10, as well as people with an Office 365 subscription.
    Jul 30 2015