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  • Nimbus Note is an application used to create task lists.
    Sep 05 2019 135.32 MB
  • Another application by Efficient Software available for free in Polish language version.
    Sep 05 2019 15.28 MB
  • EfficientPIM is a free application that serves as a comprehensive personal organizer. It allows you to efficiently organize time, gather information about events, create TODO lists or contact libraries, but not only.
    Sep 05 2019 19.86 MB
  • OneNote 2016 is a universal and powerful tool for creating notes and planning, made available by Microsoft for users of Windows 7/8 and Mac OS, as well as mobile devices with Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
    Aug 28 2019 5.41 MB
  • Simplenote is a minimalist, open service for storing and synchronizing notes between devices. The client for Windows allows you to create and edit them, as well as cataloging and searching.
    Aug 27 2019 100.28 MB
  • HandyPIM is a tool that can be easily described as an electronic organizer.
    Aug 02 2019 10.86 MB
  • ToDoList is a small but powerful manager with the help of which you can easily and efficiently organize your time. The program copes well with the creation of simple task lists, covering single activities and those more complex, created while working on projects.
    Jul 14 2019 2.93 MB
  • Toggl is a tool to monitor the time spent in performing an activity.
    Jul 05 2019 7.23 MB
  • Calendarscope is a virtual calendar with many different options, created for people who are looking for a tool that facilitates planning events not only in everyday work, but also at home.
    May 07 2019 5.05 MB
  • Joplin is a free tool for creating notes, which is characterized by a modern, transparent user interface.
    May 03 2019 102.65 MB
  • RedNotebook is a very simple, cross-platform application for collecting all kinds of data, often used as a personal organizer or a tool for keeping diaries and diaries in an electronic version.
    Apr 07 2019 77.46 MB
  • Knowte is an elegant notebook in which you can create notebooks and save more notes in them. The program resembles OneNote, but it is much simpler and does not synchronize data with the cloud.
    Apr 07 2019 3.68 MB
  • Ao is a desktop application for Microsoft To-Do users.
    Apr 04 2019 62.68 MB
  • Nuclino is a unified workspace for placing various notes, tasks or any other objects in real time. The tool will find its application not only in companies, but also for example during group work on school projects.
    Mar 22 2019 67.41 MB
  • Swift To-Do List is an advanced tool designed to manage various types of tasks, thanks to which we can organize a day, flow of tasks in an important project in a better and more convenient way, or simply set a reminder for an upcoming event.
    Feb 26 2019 39.29 MB