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  • GS-Base is an extensive but easy to use database program of Polish authorship. It allows creating databases, with an unlimited number of records, in which each of them contains up to 2047 fields (text, numeric, with OLE objects, etc.).
    Jul 09 2020 3.04 MB
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Document Cloud) is the latest version of a very popular and free viewer of documents saved in PDF format.
    Jul 06 2020 1.17 MB
  • GonVisor is a browser of photos, comics, manga, magazines and books in electronic form. With its help, we can open, manage and create files in CBR, CBA, CBA, CB7, ZIP, RAR, ACE and 7ZIP formats.
    Jun 29 2020 2.08 MB
  • The Kindle for PC app is used to read e-books purchased from the Amazon.com store.
    Feb 12 2020 53.96 MB
  • Final Draft is currently the most popular program for writing scripts, theater performances and other articles. The application has a simple and clear interface, in which there is a handy text editor, adapted to almost any type of text. It is an ideal solution for professional screenwriters and producers, as well as for other authors of novels, novels and journalistic articles.
    Feb 11 2020
  • Kotobee Author is a program for submitting digital publications, in particular interactive e-books. You can prepare a textbook, content for a website or even an application.
    Dec 26 2019 81.56 MB
  • Scrivener is a modern tool designed for writers. The application is characterized by simplicity in use, an advanced editor for writing texts and full control over the creation of books or other extensive articles.
    Oct 17 2019 84.90 MB
  • Ashampoo PDF Free is a free, comprehensive software for handling PDF documents on Windows systems. It is a combination of a PDF viewer, a document editing tool and a virtual printer that allows you to create electronic publications from any application that offers print options.
    Jul 09 2019 303.48 MB
  • PDF Architect Free is a free version of an interesting PDF viewer, characterized by a clear graphical interface based on the ribbon mechanism, modular structure and high speed of operation.
    Feb 25 2019 9.59 MB
  • Bullzip PDF Studio is a light and very easy-to-use tool for working with documents saved in the popular PDF format.
    Jan 04 2019 76.44 MB
  • LanguageTool is an open source, free tool for validating spelling in languages ​​such as Polish, English, French, German and a dozen others.
    Dec 08 2018 115.37 MB
  • Adobe Digital Editions is a convenient and simple reader of electronic books in the PFD / A and EPUB formats, also with DRM protection.
    Dec 06 2018 8.49 MB
  • Form Pilot is a program for filling in various paper forms and questionnaires, for example, when obtaining a passport or a visa at the embassy, ​​when filling out certificates, diplomas, diplomas, tax forms. A convenient typewriter alternative
    Nov 19 2018 68.17 MB
  • MDB Viewer Plus is one of the few, completely free applications for viewing, creating and editing databases created using the Microsoft Access tool. It contains all necessary functions for convenient operation and supports MDB and ACCDB file formats.
    Oct 07 2018 5.26 MB
  • Kindle Previewer is a free application designed to generate a preview of books intended for the Kindle device and applications with the same name available in the App Store.
    Sep 24 2018 262.34 MB