• Calculators

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  • RedCrab is a free and at the same time extended scientific calculator, equipped with a full-screen formula editor.
    May 28 2020 4.48 MB
  • Alternate Calculator is an application that functions as a simple calculator with the possibility of currency conversion.
    Feb 17 2020 0.50 MB
  • CalcTape is another very interesting combination of a calculator with a notebook. Thanks to it, we can easily perform calculations and add any text comments to them.
    Sep 09 2019 8.52 MB
  • OpalCalc is a specific application that combines a notepad and a simple calculator.
    Nov 12 2018 0.56 MB
  • Alt1 can be an interesting alternative to the system calculator, especially if in addition to standard calculations, we also perform advanced mathematical operations.
    Oct 15 2018 1.99 MB
  • CCCalc is a very simple application whose function is a calculator for Windows.
    Jun 30 2018 0.86 MB
  • SpeedCrunch is a free scientific, very precise scientific calculator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
    Jun 28 2018 9.01 MB
  • Qalculate! it's a very simple but powerful calculator for Windows.
    Jun 28 2018