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  • Adobe After Effects is one of the best, professional tools designed to create animations and special effects for the needs of Hollywood film productions.
    Feb 20 2020 Multimedia > Video
  • Adobe Audition - Professional tool for working with audio files, designed for professionals in the field of audio and video processing
    Feb 20 2020 Multimedia > Audio utilities
  • Bandicam is a program for capturing videos and taking screenshots in high quality. It has simple control with customizable recording options. Supports work with all games and applications. It is possible to save videos in YouTube upload format.
    Feb 20 2020 18.62 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • Dropbox is a free and easy-to-use client for working with a cloud storage service. The application allows the user to share files, synchronize data, access old versions of files, view download history
    Feb 20 2020 113.19 MB Disks & Files > Compare / Sync
  • Slim DVD - an easy-to-use program for creating covers for CD, DVD, VHS, PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, BlueRay, etc.
    Feb 20 2020 5.31 MB System > CD / DVD
  • GIMP is a powerful, free image editor, almost as good as Photoshop in its capabilities. With it, you can process photos, create collages, draw pictures on graphic tablets, prepare website designs and much more.
    Feb 20 2020 213.81 MB Multimedia > Graphics & Design
  • GOM Audio is a free stylish player for simple reproduction of musical compositions of all the most popular audio formats, as well as CDs
    Feb 20 2020 8.11 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound
  • ICQ is one of the most popular instant messengers. The program does not need a special presentation
    Feb 20 2020 43.50 MB Internet & Network > Messenger
    Freeware / Adware
  • J. River Media Center is a shareware multimedia center. Supports a large number of audio and video formats, audio CDs and DVDs, can transcode CD audio tracks
    Feb 20 2020 36.97 MB Multimedia > Audio utilities
  • PrivaZer is a free program that is designed to clean your PC of accumulated system garbage. The application allows you to remove traces of Internet activity, remnants of previously removed software, unused shortcuts
    Feb 20 2020 7.15 MB Disks & Files > Disk Cleanup
  • Tweak-10 - a set of tools for adjusting and optimizing the parameters of the Windows 10 operating system
    Feb 20 2020 23.51 MB System > Tweaking / optimizing
  • UltraVNC - a program to control a remote computer. It can connect to a remote computer via the Internet or a local network, transferring an image of a remote desktop to a computer from which to connect
    Feb 20 2020 2.98 MB Internet & Network > Network
  • VirtualBox is an application that allows the user to create virtual machines with real PC configurations, and then run any operating system on them (Windows, GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.). 3D hardware acceleration supported
    Feb 20 2020 107.77 MB System > Emulators
  • WhatsApp is a desktop version of the popular mobile messenger. There is full synchronization with the application on your mobile device, supported by system notifications, work with hot keys, sharing photos, music and videos
    Feb 20 2020 128.24 MB Internet & Network > Messenger
  • Black Menu for Google is a plugin for the Google Chrome or Opera 15+ web browser, which is targeted at users who use Google services.