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  • Epic Privacy Browser is another implementation of the browser on the Chromium platform, which is focused on protecting user privacy on the Internet
    Feb 03 2020 1.75 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • FBackup - program for automatic backup to any USB / Firewire drive, local, or network drive
    Feb 03 2020 1.36 MB Disks & Files > Backup
  • jv16 PowerTools is a complete set of utilities for keeping your computer and network operational.
    Feb 03 2020 7.60 MB System > Tweaking / optimizing
  • Torch Browser - a browser on the Chromium platform with new features and options. Now directly from the browser you can download torrent, save video, speed up download, share links
    Feb 03 2020 70.84 MB Internet & Network > Browsers
  • The latest version of the tool for creating installers for many operating systems, including Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris (Intel & Sparc), AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and Linux ( Intel x86 / x64, s390 & PPC).
    Feb 02 2020 146.37 MB Development & IT > Installers
  • Privacy Eraser Free is a small tool to protect the privacy of the user, which in combination with publicly available extensions offers powerful possibilities of comprehensive system cleaning with information about our activity. Its operation may include data created by web browsers, the Windows operating system and the software installed in it.
    Feb 02 2020 9.26 MB Security & Privacy > Data protection
  • EasyHDR is an interesting alternative for the Photomatix Pro tool, created for lovers of HDR images.
    Feb 02 2020 28.23 MB Multimedia > Graphics editors
  • WireframeSketcher is an uncomplicated tool designed to create graphic interface designs (GUI) for standard programs, applications for portable devices or websites. It is disseminated in the form of an independent tool and as an extension to the Eclipse programming environment.
    Feb 02 2020 100.84 MB Development & IT > Software design
  • ManicTime is a program to track user activity on a computer with a Windows operating system. It can be successfully used at home as well as in small or larger enterprises.
    Feb 02 2020 23.62 MB System > Other
  • A1 Website Download is a program that allows you to download entire websites to your computer's disk, to gain later access to them offline, without access to the Internet.
    Feb 02 2020 7.58 MB Internet & Network > Other
  • Sophos Home is a tool for users of personal computers that protects them against malware, inappropriate content and widely understood viruses.
  • FrostWire is a fairly smart torrent client that allows users to share files from both exchange networks and their own, for which you need to "share" the folder and set it in the program settings
  • A useful plugin for Chrome, Opera, Firefox browsers that allows you to detect and optionally block elements embedded in a web page that use tracking technologies, such as trackers, social networking widgets, counters and other objects
  • Helium Music Manager is a multifunctional music manager that facilitates the systematization of the music collection. It is simultaneously a tag editor, a music base-catalog, a playlist creator, CD Ripper, audio converter, MP3 analyzer
    Feb 02 2020 24.95 MB Multimedia > Audio utilities
  • MixPad is a professional program that allows you at home by mixing tracks to quickly create music collages, promotional audio clips, soundtracks, remixes, etc.
    Feb 02 2020 1.69 MB Multimedia > Audio & Sound